This is an odd article, i news: “Who is Nayib Bukele? The ‘cool, millennial dictator’ whose Bitcoin push has plunged El Salvador into turmoil”

The headline is about “turmoil”, it mentions some vague riot statistics and shows a burning ATM.

But it quickly veers off on a weird tangent with a bunch of statements from random people about bitcoin.

There’s even a few pro-bitcoin statements in there by professors and shit. It doesn’t mention Lightning Network unfortunately.

Kind of informative about people’s views on it, but it’s weird how it’s framed as “turmoil”. Is it really that bad there?

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  1. Paxful’s Lightning Diaries video series has been visiting various towns in El Salvador to see how Lightning adoption is progressing. Doesn’t look like turmoil. Looks like business as usual but with a little bit more awkward way of paying cashiers. “Aceptamos Bitcoin” signs everywhere. Long lines at Chivo ATMs hardly constitute social turmoil.

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