This is James. He wanted to steal my crypto. So I tracked his IP and had some fun.

*tl;dr: I like messing with scammers who contact me after seeing me on this sub. I did it, for example, with* *Paul* *and* *martins by name* *(just look at my top posts, I can’t link them for some reason). I convinced this guy that he was being scammed by someone else and tracked his IP and told him where he was and where he worked. It was fun (and maybe my best one yet), the conversation is here in four parts (for readability):* [*one*](*,* [*two*](*,* [three]( and [four](

Whenever an new account with barely any content sends me a message and offers me an investment opportunity, I know what to do: answer, confirm that yes, I want to take it urgently and yes, I believe absolutely everything the person tells me.

Since I started posting here more regularly I, like I guess most of you, am getting many such messages. So when James here contacted me today, I thought I knew the script already: copy trading. His profile was cute, only one post, titled “I am happy with the kind of man I am😌🙏” with a few pictures of some guy, posted to his own profile. I decided to use these pictures.

[It started out as always](, he just wants to share some ideas, I am very enthusiastic about everything and try to get him to the scam ASAP. And I guessed right, copy trading. I even tried to guess the site – the one the last scammer wanted to get me to – but it seems my guess was wrong in that case, he has a different scam site. Oops!

[But he didn’t care that much](, his site was 100% profit guaranteed, so that sounded good. I asked him for the scam link, he didn’t like that, but I told him that was a translation error from Belgian (I’m not from Belgium and Belgian is not a language, lol) which was good enough for him. He told me that he is scared of scammers, but then we went on and he sent me the scam link. So far so good, he wanted a screenshot of my registration (The WhatsApp-thing in this part goes back to the first time I talked to a scammer, [Paul](, who really liked Whatsapp).

[Then the fun began](, and I think this is my best work yet: I uploaded one of the pictures from his profile and sent him a traceable link. I titled it “my crush” on imgur and was disappointed at first, because he didn’t notice that was “him” (I guess he just stole the pictures somewhere, that’s why I’m not linking them). He didn’t understand what he was seeing and asked for the right screenshot, I just registered on GitHub (first bookmark I had open) and changed the html code a bit. that one seemed to be fine with him. Then he noticed, that the first picture was “him”.

[As I had his IP]( and it was registered for a company (I censored it in red), him getting nervous was really funny, but read the rest for yourself (by the way, the number i sent him is absolutely not his, but another scammer from a few days ago, so he is fake-panicking in that case).

Have fun!

Edit: [he’s still mad at me :(](

Edit2: turns out, the scammer just stole and used pictures of Madalin Ionescu, a Romanian tv show host (thanks u/belemihai for pointing this out!), so that’s why he didn’t immediately notice the picture I sent was “him”

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  1. Lol, the copy trading guy. Everyone knows this guy. He hits me up several times a week. Thanks copy trade guy, but no thank you. I’m plenty well able to lose money without his help.

  2. I really love this series you do. Have been loving it since Martins by name featured. I am saving this as a late night read. Thank you kind sir for your service.

  3. That’s awesome that you have managed to track his IP

    Wanted to ask, does that require a lot of skill to do that? 🤔

    Or does it vary depending on the scenario?

  4. I have a box of used visa gift cards from churning. When a scammer wants me to send them a gift card, I send them photos with ~500 visa gift cards. I have been contacted 5 hours later saying that were no active ones, whoops. That has pissed off many scammers. I insist one is active.



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