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  1. What’s the main difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? Besides Bitcoin Cash being an alto in and a hard fork of bitcoin. Does Bitcoin Cash process more transactions and is limited to 21MM supply?

  2. True that anyone with an understanding of bitcoin will quickly figure out that BCH is not bitcoin, but the problem found when I travel is that people are not knowledgeable, people who were told they have bitcoin (given to them in tips and gifts, promoted by and are excited until you explain they have bcash, not bitcoin. The disappointment on their faces is telling, they feel scammed and usually they turn away from anything crypto. Some people were tipped in bcash thinking it was bitcoin.

    This has happened multiple times, particularly in Tokyo where there are many places to use bitcoin.

    Shame on Ver and the bch/bcash/ community to profit off misunderstandings. At a minimum should put in the buy screen a warning, “This is NOT bitcoin/bitcoin core/BTC/XBT, it is bcash/bitcoin cash/BCH, a fork from the original bitcoin chain in 2017.”

  3. Isn’t there like an 8500$ difference between the two?

    If you can’t tell the difference before buying then you deserve what happens.

    Btw looking at the recording even though it takes you to a link there is a header that actually calls it BCH.

  4. What’s the difference between this and a product website advertising one product and giving you a default purchase option for a similiar product in the shopping cart? Are online shopping sites regulated to protect consumers from shady practices like this? I mean, if Amazon did this would anyone care?



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