This is why we need cryptocurrency: Wells Fargo online banking is down


As of the writing of this post, Wells Fargo is still down and millions cannot access online banking to pay bills, send funds, transfer funds, etc.

Banks: A corporation that *you* have to pay for them to have the pleasure holding *your* money, while they use *your* money to enrich themselves and others while paying 0.01% interest rates.

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  1. I’m overseas and lost my atm card. These fucks won’t expedite my replacement card and can only ship it via snail mail. Almost two month now and still not here. Could be another month. Haven’t received my stimmy yet as well

  2. This worries me. Every time we see large financial institutions with issues like this, I cant help but think its nefarious activity by foreign countries like China or Russia. Considering that both are in the news lately with MAJOR hacking successes, Id be willing to bet that this is somehow related, and not related to stimulus check volume.



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