This Ivy League college will accept Tuition fees in Bitcoin

This Ivy League college will accept Tuition fees in Bitcoin

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, which falls under the prestigious list of Ivy League institutions, has confirmed its plans to begin accepting tuition fees in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin for its online course about blockchain and digital assets, which is scheduled to start in January 2022. Furthermore, Wharton revealed that these crypto payments will be accepted through Coinbase Global Inc.

Wharton ascertained the quality of its crypto and blockchain program, by appointing Kevin Werbach, with 3 years of teaching experience in the decentralized field, as the lead instructor of the course. Additionally, the school aims to expand beyond the basic principles and incorporate more practical topics in the course structure, including how to value digital assets, regulation, policy, along with analyzing historical case studies.

“It’s a program about blockchain and digital assets, we felt that we talk the talk and walk the walk,” Guido Molinari, managing partner a Prysm Group, which is working with Wharton to develop the program told Bloomberg. “Coinbase has 68 million verified users, any one of these users will benefit from this program”, he added.

Wharton Alums or Bitcoin Billionaires?

Wharton’s exclusive announcement about accepting tuition in crypto for its crypto and blockchain course does not come as a surprise, given the school’s extensive list of crypto-rich alums. As revealed by Bloomberg, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk graduated in 1997 from Wharton. Furthermore, Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMex exchange, also passed out from the same school.

Bitcoin Frenzy

With crypto gaining momentum in the fourth quarter, the OG Bitcoin is outperforming all currencies and the Bitcoin community’s support could not be any louder. While Tesla CEO, Musk has always had Bitcoin in his crypto portfolio, the ongoing bull has multiplied his support for the crypto with the exclusive announcement about Tesla resuming Bitcoin payments. Earlier this week, Tesla revealed in its quarterly reports that the company may restart cryptocurrency payments for its products and services. Bitcoin ETF, along with the expanding institutional adoption and now Tesla’s exclusive announcement could make 2021 an evolutionary year for BTC.


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