This pisses me off: Article states that “Bitcoin Risks ‘Spiraling Price’ on Environment, Regulatory Concerns”

Okay, this really pisses me off.


The article states that a Canada-based global investment research firm, BCA Research, is saying that BTC will end up “losing most its value over time” due to the electricity needed to mine and “potential regulatory hurdles.” Their argument is that people want to be green, so they’ll abandon BTC en mass.

Yeah, like people have abandoned shopping at Amazon (where shipping items individually creates a larger carbon footprint) or think about the environmental cost before flying across the country to spend holidays with family.

I’m not saying that the energy consumption is not a concern, but the hyperbole really irks me. Had the research firm said “BTC may not end up being the dominant cryptocurrency in the future” I would have agreed and taken them seriously. But when the just say something outlandish it just makes me think they’re all fools.

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