This point cannot be stressed enough but your bitcoin’s security is in your hands… Please take steps to keep them safe.

Bitcoin is a great instrument of change, which has taken power away from the banks and centralized institutions and given it back to the people. While this great technology is catching mainstream attention and more people are HODLing bitcoin now, it is important to stress the importance of security.

No one else but you are responsible for keeping it safe so take the time to learn about the various things that can be done to enhance its security. I am sharing a few measures that I have learned with time and shared with many people in the past,

**Use Hardware Wallet:**

Cold wallets are currently one of the safest ways to store your bitcoin. Invest in a hardware wallet and store your bitcoin in them.

**Store your Private Keys/Wallet Seed Offline and Never Share Them**

There is a very common saying in the bitcoin world:

>*Not your Keys, Not your Bitcoin*

This basically means that if you do not own the private keys you don’t own that bitcoin. The proof of ownership with Bitcoin lies in the *private keys* of your wallet/address, thus keeping it safe is of utmost importance.

Keep your private seeds/keys offline.

**Never Store your Bitcoin on Exchanges**

Given exchanges are the prime target of most hackers it is always advised to use exchanges only for making the trade but never for storing. Once the desired trade is made, withdraw your bitcoin and any other crypto and keep it in your personal wallet.

**Keep Backup**

While storing your private keys/Seed for your wallet, it is always a good idea to keep backup.

**Use separate wallets for daily use and savings**

While storing bitcoin, it is never a good idea to store all your bitcoin in one place. Split them into different wallets and categorize them for *daily use, savings, trading, etc.* This way if one wallet gets compromised the rest of your bitcoin is safe.

**Never click or access unverified bitcoin links**

This goes without saying but, avoid clicking any unverified links claiming to be investment opportunities, bitcoin giveaways, or anything similar asking for your private keys or asking you to send bitcoin.


*Source:* [*Blockonomics – Bitcoin & Security: How to keep your BTC Secure*](

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