This Sleeping Giant Is About To Wake Up

Cup and handle breakout like BTC had in 2015

It is also starting to perform better versus btc and eth after a long bear trend.

It has underperformed and ranged for years similar to BTC 2014-2016 or TSLA 2014-2020. It’s currently set to breakout of a long term range it’s been in for years and could go parabolic and finally regain some market cap it deserves. It’s a solid Cryptocurrency with unique traits and fundamentals in the way it is mined and is decentralized like BTC and ETH. It’s the only coin I’ve really been bullish on since BTC back in the early days, I believe it could easily 10-20x from this point.

One of the biggest things to happen to Tezos that is sort of under the radar is Tezos being added to Grayscale (GBTC) which will bring institutional money flows into Tezos.

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  1. People that like to shit on TA are the same people that don’t know how to use it, or how it works.

    I am far from knowing it, I like to learn and I see how it relates to human.

    Do I think is correct and infallible? Nope

    Does it have some fundaments? Yes



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