This Time is Different ™

This Time is Different ™

This Time is Different ™ from Bitcoin

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  1. I honestly thought that a decentralized currency that is under no government control would be subject to market panic. I thought people were smart enough to know that China has no control over it outside of their borders. If it has already been banned, how is that supposed to affect the market later. The Chinese people can’t sell what they don’t own, and those few rebels left aren’t going to sell. I could see an initial sell off due to obedience to their government, but after that the market should keep on trucking. China is being a bully to the rest of the world because we have a weak president in the United States. It doesn’t mean we have to be weak. The only people who should be concerned are the Chinese. I’m still new to crypto trading, so perhaps I’m just talking out of my hat.

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