This tweet really made me think, and then realize, Bitcoin is the first thing we can own.

This tweet really made me think, and then realize, Bitcoin is the first thing we can own.

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  1. FACT: this post is highly subjective and depends solely on the definition of “own”.

    I would argue that my knowledge is something I own. I choose to share it or keep it to myself. It cannot be confiscated and is not regulated by anyone but me.

  2. Yeah. I own private keys. My wife knows where in the Lake I lost them. She could steal them. Police divers could look for and confiscate them. Mobsters could extort them from me. It’s the same as any other property

  3. This is the most bullshit thing I have ever read.

    This makes crypto currency seem absolutely stupid.

    I can own any physical possession that I wish to own in the same way that I can own a Bitcoin.

    If someone breaks into your house and puts a gun to your head they can steal your Bitcoin just like any other possession

  4. Some r/im14andthisisdeep content right here.

    I bought me car with cash, I own it.

    I just bought a PS5, I own that shit.

    The TV I play it on is also mine.

    This tweet is fucking dumb.

  5. listen, I love bitcoin as much as the next person, but this kinda thinking is why some people look at Bitcoin as a joke. It’s nice to have, it can make you rich, but take it easy on the philosophy stuff…y’all sound like a whacko cult

  6. [Department of Justice Seizes $2.3 Million in Cryptocurrency Paid to the Ransomware Extortionists Darkside](

    [The IRS has seized $1.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency this fiscal year](

    You were saying…?

    Oh yeah, and [allodial title]( is a thing.

    Edit 2: really this tweet is sneaky about defining ownership. Do you mean “own” as in protected by a legal system and contract law such that men with guns will eventually enforce your ownership? Or do you mean outside of that which really means defending it yourself with force. In the first case Bitcoin isn’t that special. As much as maxis love to hate on governments they sure do like contract law to enforce their “ownership”. In the second case well, the $5 wrench attack is known and was recently used to steal a few million from a Spanish guy.

  7. Well, I dont agree. The state must not take anything from you without a good reason. But if they proof your Bitcoin was acquired through illegal activity they may confiscate it. Like they did from Dresden drug lord ShinyFlakes

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