This was definitely a first for everyone involved. Thanks Suzuki El Salvador.

This was definitely a first for everyone involved. Thanks Suzuki El Salvador.<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/q6wzgq/this_was_definitely_a_first_for_everyone_involved/

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  1. Last year November I sold my car at less than its market value for Bitcoin. Considering the original market value of the same model has dropped a little by now, I can buy back 4 of them.

  2. Bit of a rant and i might get some downvotes ..

    It’s really cool that you can buy a motorcycle in El Salvador now with Bitcoin, but i really dont get why this gets upvoted a ton.

    Yesterday there was news coming from Switzerland, taproot is on its way, etc .. yet posts like these get upvoted to the moon .. i mean yeah sure its nice and cool and adoption, but i would love to see other posts in the top threads to be honest. Last month it was a guy buying coffee at starbucks, now someone buying a motorcycle, … i mean ..

    Let the downvotes start!

  3. Thanks for the Post, it’s really cool to see this applied in real life, in a country that has Bitcoin as its National currency.

    However there should likely be national awareness campaign made because waiting one block for confirmation is very risky in the sense that a coordinated attack could cause that transaction to be reversed because of a temporary fork in the chain.

    A best practice would be to wait a full hour aka 6 blocks committed to the chain and the possibility of that being undone is practically impossible.

    A normal example of this is due to the latency in the internet as there can be multiple simultaneous winners, triggering a race condition, yet the network must reconcile to only one hence there are legitimate transactions that are undone and put in to a later queue.

    However it’s still wise to either use the lightning Network or wait the full hour for near one hundred percent guarantee

  4. Great. Now just don’t kill yourself with the bike… FWIW, I own (lost, actually) a piece of hardware worth ~$50 that I paid nearly .1 bitcoin for. Apparently enough to buy three of your motorcycles with.

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