This Week In 2 Minutes

This Week In 2 Minutes

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  1. So true lol… got really tired of people telling newbies like me to stop panicking. Meanwhile I’m just thinking this is exactly what we signed up for, pretty much common sense that it will fluctuate wildly, it’s the first thing anyone learns about crypto.

  2. Hilarious! and sadly true. for anyone wondering, this is the original translation

    He’s telling the story about his summer job. He went to a small restaurant on the beach to work as a kitchen assistant. Since the restaurant is only open in summer they had to spend the whole day cleaning out the place and washing everything. Last thing the boss told him to do at 2am was to take twenty moldy “paelleras” (big flat pans where you make paella rice) out to the sea and let them rinse in the sea. The aim was to let the movement of the waves clean them out. So he went out with his swimsuit and flip flops, and tied them in the shore with a stick. Next morning the boss woke him up and asked him to go get the “paelleras” but when he got to the seaside, the tide had risen and he could only find one out of the 20 pans because it was stuck in between the rocks at the beach. When he went back to the restaurant the boss asked where were the pans and he explained the whole situation to him. So they had to call a shop in Sevile to send some new pans in a rush since the summer season was starting and they wouldn’t have any pans to prepare the rice. At the end of the job, he barely made any money because the boss charged him the price of those 20 pans lost.

    In Spanish it’s hilarious because of the way he talks. Not only he’s from the south and has a funny accent, but also he’s not very well educated so he mixes words or mispronounces them. The interviewer a lot of times asks him very deep questions and Risitas just replies with whatever comes first to his mind, a lot of times unrelated topics because he didn’t even understand the question to begin with

  3. Creating “don’t panic” posts in order to make people panic sell and buying the dip off of it, would actually be a genius play I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to pull.

  4. The amount of real ass sentiment and facts that are contained within some of these memes is too much. This guy was spitting exactly the shit I’ve been thinking about whilst browsing here.

    On a side not I was laughing even harder than he was throughout this.

  5. Dang !!. Its 4:00 am here and I’m laughing like a maniac.. This is some good tier stuff. Heres my poor man’s gold πŸ… .

    I would give you those reddit golds but I spent my last $ on ETH..



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