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THORChain is a decentralized exchange allowing cross-chain token swaps. In July 2021, the hacking victim allowed the attacker to steal about $4.9M in tokens from the protocol’s liquidity pools. Less than a week before the hack, the THORChain community approved a proposal for blockchain security firm Halborn to perform a penetration test of the THORnode and other layer-1 assets. 

With this preparation, the THORChain network can halt operations if needed.  If one-third of the nodes use the “make halt” command to stop their nodes’ functions, the entire network halts. Once the incident was detected, the network voluntarily activated this failsafe.

In another THORChain hack, the platform lost a reported $7.6 million. However, the project appears to have an engaged following keen to see the reparations take place to reimburse the THORChain crypto community. Let us first examine the THORChain ecosystem before going into the circumstances of the THORChain hack!

History of THORChain

The THORChain foundation was developed in 2018 to assume that using centralized exchanges to move cryptocurrencies across blockchains was problematic. Long-term solutions included non – custodial exchanges often referred to as decentralized exchanges ( DEXs ).

As a result, the THORChain crew sought to create an independent blockchain capable of bridging to other networks and thus facilitating cross-chain transactions akin to a DEX. Finding adequate liquidity is a common issue for DEXs.

Traders choose platforms where they would not lose money owing to slippage. However, it is these particular traders that supply adequate liquidity to avoid disruption. As a result, the THORChain crew intends to use a modified Bancor’s native token to establish Continuous Liquidity Pools ( CLPs ). These collections of accessible assets provide traders with liquidity without any need to locate or engage another trader.

THORChain additionally compensates users that contribute tokens to a liquidity supply with RUNE token (the network’s native token). At about the same period, token owners may bet their coins and receive the fees collected from other pool members. Because THORChain is a Tendermint – based chain, its consensus method is Tendermint BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance). Proof – of – Stake ( PoS ) can also be used for Sybil resistance.

A network of verifiers may stake RUNE coins as a portion of the PoS feature to operate network nodes and authentication. Coin owners may submit to these validators in THORChain; this makes verifiers check and enables delegators to get a part of every block bonus. The project intends to deploy its mainnet sometime around 2021. It has also created an AMM called BEPSwap on the Binance Chain.

What is THORChain (RUNE)?

The Cosmos SDK was employed to create THORChain, which is backed by the Tendermint consensus mechanism. THORChain coins are now accessible on multiple blockchains, like Binance Chain and ETH.

RUNE, a native token of the THORChain platform, has responded to continuous investor demand. The digital roadmap built out by the THORChain protocol for its subscribers has given investors more power, increasing the liquidity possibilities.

THORChain is a decentralized liquidity system that allows users to quickly trade digital assets over various networks while maintaining complete custody of the assets. Furthermore, using THORChain, crypto users may easily exchange one coin for the other without depending on balance sheets to generate liquidity. Relatively, market values are preserved by the asset ratio in a supply.

Furthermore, RUNE is the THORChain platform’s native utility coin. It is, nevertheless, used as the foundation currency within the THORChain ecosystem. As a section of THOChain’s resistance approach, the platform is used for governance and safety. The explanation is that the THORChain node must execute a minimum of 1 million RUNE and the opportunity to participate in its revolving consensus process.

THORChain is financed via an initial DEX offering ( IDO ), released on the Binance DEX (BDEX) in July 2019. Furthermore, its mainnet was supposed to launch in Jan 2021, although a multi-chain redesign is now planned for 2021.

THORChain technology

THORChain employs various fundamental technologies to guarantee that the framework operates as intended: Tendermint Pools of Constant Liquidity ( CLPs ) and  The Bifröst Protocol The Protocol of Yggdrasil Tendermint.  The THORChain chain is a Tendermint – based chain that uses the same design and consensus mechanism as the Cosmos platform.

In other words, THORChain technology uses the native RUNE token to secure the network via the Cosmos Tendermint Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Moreover, the project provides a suite of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that facilitate cross-chain token swaps. These include SKIP Exchange, BEPSwap, ASGARDEX, and THORSwap.

Tendermint uses its  BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus method, which is based on synchronicity. As a result, THORChain, like Cosmos, limits the number of verifiers (100 at first) required to achieve finality for every proposed block. Tendmint also enables a Proof – of- Stake consensus method since every Validator is assigned a burden on the network based on the stakes they possess.

Benefits for investors

Since THORChain guarantees that all financial information is anonymous, it is the primary advantage of THORChain. Traders who have backed the THORChain cryptocurrency network rely on its several features, and there is no danger of censorship when it comes to adopting THORChain. This skill set is an excellent reason to stick around as ardent supporters.

THORChain possesses dynamic blocks of deserving scientists and engineers, which also include core developers. It also has a well-regarded protocol that enables owners to manage their money without the assistance of a third party or mediator and with no additional fees or costs.

THORChain eliminates unnecessary expenses while providing the benefit of faster transaction speeds. This coveted digital currency offers users the advantage of stable money created in June 2019. The maximum supply is one feature of THORChain, in which the benefits of ETH ERC – 20 tokens are wrapped at no escalating cost.

Supply curve specifications

The total supply of RUNE coins was one billion in 2019. Nevertheless, in October 2019, the network chose to burn all of the “utilized reserves” of the original maximum supply.

The decrease in supply did not affect the tokens that had already been issued to Presale, and IDO, which, when coupled with the coins burnt via Project Surtr, equaled 50%  as follows:

Service nodes and source liquidity bonus

220, 447, 472 RUNE (originally 500 million) in continuing emissions via validator awards and liquidity pool monthly over 40 months (3.5 years) from first distribution. Coins fromIDO ) clients. The initial and post-burn quantities, and their distribution schedules, are allocated supply incentives.

Operation reserves

Sixty-five million (initially 130 million) that vest any of this pool may also be used by THORChain over 2.5 years via the RUNEVault reward scheme and airdrop events.

Team & Advisors

Fifty million ( at first 100 million ) were frozen until manner initially 60 million ), 4 million of which were for OTC purchases to partnerships. Community reserves ( RUNEVault ): 60 million ( at first 120 million ) released debut and then distributed in 20 % batches every three months.

Seed investors 

Thirty million (dispersed immediately). The remaining coins will be frozen until the mainnet’s launch, after which they will be millions. When the pool was distributed, half of it was released to offer adequate liquidity on the BDEX. The remaining half became available distributed in 20% increments every three months.


As a section of its staking incentives scheme, RUNEVault releases two million RUNE coins depleted, making the RUNEVault initiative function for about 2 . 5 years after with civic engagement to minimize reserve emission. Monthly payments will be made to service nodes and liquidity dropships based on the block bonuses computation shown below . 2 / 3 the remainder of its debut.

It should be noted that THORChain may reconsider this approach in the future when this block bonus is distributed to service nodes ( also known as validators ), with moving to liquidity incentives.

Block rewards will be given out until the bucket’s supply of 220, 447, 472 RUNE 2019, THORChain launched Project Sutr, which seeks to burn any excess RUNE from the foreign coin reserves. Every month on the 20th is depleted.

  • ( max supply – circulating supply )/ ( 6 * 12 ) = blockrewards per month according to the Surtr Project ( The RUNE burn program )

In August, the team sought community feedback to decide if unallocated RUNE should be destroyed. Because the overall amount burnt each month is uncertain, the Liquid Supply Curve doesn’t fully reflect tokens withdrawn via the burn program.

Fundamental analysis

According to sources, THORChain does not have an inventor, CEO, or board. Gitlab will be in charge of the policy interventions. According to the THORChain Twitter account, self-organized inventors work via Gitlab and figure out what to create.

The THORChain framework was first financed via an initial DEX offering (IDO), which debuted alongside the Binance DEX in  2019. Its mainnet went live in the first quarter of 2021, although a multi-chain upgrade is scheduled for 2021.

The BiFrost Protocol (BFT) allows chain interconnection. Interconnection is the foundation of the ecosystem; without which, the whole ecosystem would collapse. BFT validates the system and safety while preventing double-spending and some other harmful behavior. THORChain uses the Yggdrasil protocol to address blockchain scalability problems. As the governance coin, the Aesir protocol provides an inexpensive on-chain governance framework.

THORChain’s mainnet was announced to be available in 2020. They created the beta for BEPSwap, thus discontinuing the previous RUNEVault software. The mainnet is a crucial objective for 2021. The crew intends to add additional chains to BEPSwap in the future and provide native apps that will enable validators to fill connections to other chains once requested by the community.

Additional plans for 2021 include establishing a layer-2 scaling system known as the flash networks, which will be linked to other lighting systems. To run this flash system, THORChain intends to utilize value inputs from its liquidity pools.

Monthly Treasury Report — July & August 2021

The treasury comprises $194m, funding protocol development, liquidity, and paying out to community grants. Liabilities have been secured. The protocol has 180m in RUNE reserves. Planned Obsolescence July 2022.

  1. The treasury is at $194m, sufficient for the roadmap. Community grants can be allocated.
  2. Liabilities totalling $30m but have been secured and are waiting to be discharged.
  3. The Protocol Reserves total 179,093,899 RUNE, worth $1.8bn. These are allocated for Chaosnet & Mainnet emissions.
  4. Planned Obsolescence is set for July 2022.

Technical analysis

Trade layout: The recent strong breakout from the Diving down Triangle Pattern, although with little volume (not compelling), may be an early indication of a pullback from the price prognosis, with the price swinging back to the 200-day MA the $10 resistance region. However, for a complete reversal of the downtrend, look for a breach above the 200-day moving average and the $10 resistance zone.

Pattern: Price is now trading in a Declining Triangle trend. A breakthrough will typically occur in the indicated direction trend. Most traders will enter a trade after the price movement breaks out of the triangle with increasing volume. Most traders will enter a trade after the price movement breaks out of the triangle with growing volume.

Market Cap: RUNE’s Market Cap is currently $1,908,599,175

THORChain (RUNE)Trend: Short-term trend is up, but medium- and lengthy trends are down. 

Movement: Movement is mixed since the MACD Line is well above the MACD Signal Line (current bullish trend), yet the RSI is below 50. (Neutral).

The On Balance Volume (OBV): It is equal, suggesting that traffic on Up days equals activity on Down days. As a result, demand from purchasers and supply from sellers are in balance.

Support and Resistance: The closest Support level is $7.00 ( for sell orders), followed by $5.00. The nearest Resistant Zone is $10.00, followed by $12.50.

See the THORchain price predictions (RUNE) graphs below for further information.

THORchain's (RUNE) Technical analysis

Source: AltFins

THORChain price prediction for 2021-2025

The THORChain price prediction (2021) shows that RUNE has long-term earning potential and long-term minimum price targets. It is ranked 60th on CoinGecko. However, will the new RUNE blockchain improvements, development, and adjustments help the coin price rise or price fall shortly? Let us now turn our attention to the charts in these RUNE prices forecasts to assess RUNERUNE’sing tendency.

The upward channel trend may be observed in the graph above, adjusted to a regular period. An ascending channel is defined as price movement that occurs upward via a rising parallel line. Furthermore, the chart depicts the price pattpattern’sher-Highs and Higher-Lows. Moreover, this pattern indicates a short-lived uptrend.

RUNE/USDT chart showing Ascending Channel Trend pattern

Source: TradingView

As seen above, the THORChain price analysis shifted from a bearish to a bullish trend at the onset of this month. This is due to the large trading volume that occurred during that time.

RUNE Relative Strength Index

Source: TradingView

The RSI is 69.7, indicating that RUNE is almost overbought. Consequently, traders must trade with caution to avoid additional losses.

Let’s see Rune’s Moving Averages (MA): Simple moving average (SMA) and Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

RUNE 30-day SMA and 50-day EMA

Source: TradingView

Right from January (price prediction)2021, the price of RUNE has witnessed a lot of positive momentum, which is greater than the preceding one. Furthermore, they are immediately followed by volatility, consolidation, positive trend, and adjustments. By considering this, the price of RUNE will have intense competition in 2021 at the same time.

THORChain price prediction in 2022

RUNE should hit $35 by the conclusion of 2022 if this bullish trend continues. Furthermore, the first half of 2022 will see a rapid increase, reaching a maximum price of $40. The expansion will decrease after that, but no significant drop is anticipated. With forthcoming collaborations and advancements, attaining $35 is relatively ambitious when it comes to pricing, but it is undeniably possible in the future.

THORChain price prediction in 2023

If RUNE maintains its support level from around 200-MA, or long-term (MA), purchasers would have enough time and confidence to plan the next entry on the critical level at a minimum price of $55, causing it not to fall but instead play continuously.

THORChain price prediction in 2024

According to the platform’s recent upgrades, advancements, RUNE pricing projection, and novel developmental predictions, RUNE investors may anticipate a slew of collaborations and integrations near 2024. Furthermore, this could increase the value of RUNE on the crypto market because it would be the most significant investment as the value may rise to about a maximum price of $90.

THORChain price prediction in 2025

According to our protracted crypto forecasts, 2025 may be the year when THORChain surpasses $80 by all means.  The THORChain pricing is expected to reach a maximum price of  $130 by 2025 with widespread use. A surge in price and quantity demanded cryptocurrencies like never before in this same market, and traders may invest therefore in coins at the current price level after conducting their research to make a significant return in the long run.

How about the THORChain hacks?

This was the analysis of the security firm Halborn for the attack: The attacker exploited a bug in Bifrost, which is THORChain’s bridge to the Ethereum network.  The code has an override loop (designed only to be used in a vault transfer incident) manipulated in this hack. The hacker wrapped the router with their contract and used the override function to set a transaction msg.value of 200. When Bifrost processed the transaction, it only read the msg.value and believed that the attacker had deposited 200 tokens, but the actual deposit was 0. This hack was repeated in a loop, extracting value from various liquidity pools.

Nevertheless, the attack appears to have been carried out by a white hat hacker. The hacker who hacked the cross-decentralized exchange requested a 10% bounty. This hacker deployed a custom contract that could trick its Bifrost Protocol into receiving a deposit of fake assets. The network then processed a refund of real assets to the hacker who penetrated the exchange.

The hacker stated that they minimized the damage from the exploit on purpose to teach THORChain a lesson. The white-hat hacker also noted that they could steal Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies. The Halborn team of white hat, ethical hackers from then, performed continual, constant auditing on every update to ensure the best security before its deployment on the network.


Generally, THORChain has a promising future. With the continuing advancements in the RUNE community and the broader cryptocurrency market, we may see RUNE continue to flourish and break new ATH. The bullish RUNE price forecast system for 2021 is predicted to hit a maximum price of $19.4. As previously said, it might potentially hit a new all-time high if investors believe that RUNE, along with popular coins, is a suitable investment in 2021.

Every DEX has liquidity pools, but Thorchain operates a bit differently. Rune is a required partner in LP and Thorchain’s lifeline, causing guaranteed demand if/when/as the platform scales. Here are multiple benefits from the Asgardex feature:

  1. As liquidity grows within the network, providers will need to stake Rune with their coin of choice. The yield is currently incredibly attractive, at over 60% APY.
  2. Assuming we are entering a bull market phase, a general rise in market values will pull Rune up with them. This is a great side effect of how liquidity pools work.
  3. Node Operators who secure the network need to bond Rune to the network, further increasing demand in a competitive battlefield in which node operators have to quite literally raise their stake to stay in the game.

The THORChain exchange is reportedly working hard to prevent such attacks in the future. Multiple blockchain security companies checked THORChain to locate bugs in a given network. There were changes being made to the THORChain protocol to make it more impervious to attacks and being able to react quickly to save funds. 


What should the RUNE short-term price forecast be in 2021?

Just at the end of 2021, the RUNE predicted price is expected to reach a maximum price of $19.4 and a minimum price of $17.64.

Is there a future for THORChain according to the THORChain future price forecast?

In terms of pricing, the pricing makes THORChain have a tremendous potential to soar to new heights when compared to other forecasts. It is expected that the value of RUNE will rise. According to certain specialists and business professionals, THORChain may reach a high of $106.18 by 2030.

Is it a good investment in 2021 to buy THORChain?

With no financial advice, the value of THORChain is anticipated to grow further as scarcity encourages token price increases. Please keep in mind that every investment involves some risk. Invest in what you can do before drawing any judgments and conducting your research as much as possible. Also, seek investment advice from experts.

What is the THORChain forecast for 2030?

The THORChain forecast according to the THORChain prediction price and technical analysis, the THORChain (RUNE) cost is projected to cross an average price level of $260.28 in 2030, with the RUNE minimum price forecast to hit an average price of $253.12 by the end of 2030. Furthermore, RUNE has a maximum price level of $301.61 and a minimum price of $231.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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