Thorchain Price Surges 20% In One Day

Thorchain Price Surges 20% In One Day

  • The live THOR Chain price today is $15.85.
  • THOR Chain has been outperforming Bitcoin in the last month by 57.57%.
  • The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #47, live market cap of $4,077,880,392.

In a single day, the price increases by 20%. The current THORChain price is $15.85, with a trading activity of $161,130,246 in the last 24 hours. Their RUNE price is updated frequently. In the last 24 hours, THORChain has increased by 16.69%. With a current market valuation of $4,077,880,392, CoinMarketCap now ranks #47. There are 257,210,215 RUNE coins in circulation, with an available quantity of 500,000,000 RUNE coins.

THORChain has outperformed Bitcoin by 57.57% in the last month, while the RUNE price has climbed by 109.28%.

RUNE/BTC Price Chart (Source: TradingView)

THORChain is an optimized multi-chain that uses pBFT agreement to reach block finality in less than one second. Tokens are exchanged on separate chains, called token chains, with independent address spaces and are backed by fiat currency. It is planned to use multi-set distributed storage to enable byzantine resistance scalability. At the protocol level, the native protocol makes it possible to do on-chain atomic asset exchanges.

A decentralized liquidity protocol, such as THORCHain, enables users to readily swap cryptocurrencies holdings across several networks without relinquishing complete control of their holdings in the meantime.

Users may exchange one commodity for another in a permissioned environment, eliminating the need to depend on trading volumes to obtain liquidity in the traditional financial markets. As an alternative, the proportion of resources in a pool is used to keep market values constant. 

As part of its “impermanent losses” mitigation strategy, THORChain employs a proprietary technology to assist reduce the extent of “impermanent losses” or the frequently transient losses that responsibility for paying might incur while participating in liquid pools. This is accomplished by using a slip-based charge, which helps to guarantee that liquidity remains in which it is required.

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