Those who use grid bots do you use a lot of grids, or just a few? (poll)

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to maximize my gains when using a gird bot. Lets throw a hypothetical situation out there.

You have $100 and you set some grid bot to be between 20 cents a coin to 40 cents a coin. The lowest number you can use is 5 grids. The higher the number you pick, the more trades but the lower %. Keep in mind you only have $100 and the only way to increase it is by the gird bot working. So while you can add more grids, you much keep in mind your $ amount in return most likely will be extremely lowered per gird. But there is a off chance by having more grids you will make more anyways.

Keep in mind, the more grids you use, the less up and down will trigger events. So you might also make more money that way even if you’re using way less than otherwise.


What do you do and why?


(For those of you who don’t know what a grid bot is []( )

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  1. For my latest grid bot experiment with a Doge/BTC pair, I was using 152 grids. You can check the results here: [](

    The more grids you have, the more often the bot will execute the orders. But you need to have a pretty large investment to cover all the grids.



What do you think?

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