Thoughts about Mark Cuban and Preston Pysh’s debate on spaces.

Mark Cuban was promoting altcoins as a competition to Bitcoin from a venture capital/ technology perspective, but then agreeing that Bitcoin is a superior store of value without real competition at all. Preston described this as an eye-roll, and for me, it felt like a serious disconnect.

Does Mark not understand the concept of layered money?

I can see the short term viability of smart contract platforms and tokens as they get easier to use and more popular, but if Bitcoin is a superior store of value, I think that they will all fade away and become layer 2/ 3 protocols in the long term.

Why would anyone want to transact inferior money, when there is a risk of inflation, centralized counter-party risk, or security venerability during the transaction/ period of their contract. Why would they hold inferior money in the interim when there is an easily accessible and superior store of value available.

Also, although people won’t want to sell their bitcoin or give it up, but I think people will demand to be paid in it eventually. If they accept less bitcoin than fiat equivalent, wouldn’t that just drive the price up?

I think eventually all of this “smart” contact stuff will be built onto bitcoin and I think Mark Cuban is confused. Thoughts? Anyone hear this one?

That said, I wish they just kept the convo between Preston and Mark, too much interruption from others. Link:

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  1. I listened to the first 20-30 mins. Cuban sounded full of bluster and not that well informed. I gave up as I was expecting something much much better from him.
    Saylor is in another galaxy (superior) in comparison.

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