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Thrust Introduces Most Efficient Crypto Portfolio Builder




DeFi platform Thrust is allowing crypto holders to passively develop their portfolios through community decided rewards. Launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Thrust is viewed as an individual retirement account (IRA) builder for crypto, with seamless farming and other innovative DeFi products. Thrust’s community is growing rapidly by the day, ensuring high future crypto volumes alongside mainstream adoption.

Notably, Thrust was created to provide useful products that enable the smooth building of a strong portfolio without so much technological know-how. The platform’s strong mission comes with the outlook of a fun meme coin. Essentially, holding the Thrust coin entitles one to rewards in form of various tokens, with the most recent one being BNB. Rewards are instantly accredited to holders’ wallets in the form of BUSD, after which the reward system rotates to another BEP-20 token. The community decides which token the system rotates to every time.

As for tokenomics, 12-15% is directed to slippage while token distribution among holders and wallet marketing each get 5% of the total supply. 2% is issued for the platform’s liquidity pool. Importantly, Thrust’s launch will involve no presale. The platform’s makers will add more tokens for liquidity, which will be placed in a third-party liquidity locking app.

Purchasing a Thrust coin is an easy process more so for the avid crypto user. The first step is to install the browser extension. Metamask offers user guidelines at each point. Thereafter, users need to deposit BNB which is then used to purchase $THRUST. This is done through Binance’s PancakeSwap decentralized exchange, where an algorithm calculates the number of $THRUST tokens corresponding to BNB’s deposited.

On PancakeSwap, users need to click the gear icon at the top Swap box, then set the slippage to 12%. This rate varies between 12-15% as per trade traffic. Clicking the Swap button opens the Metamask window where users should select edit, advance, and then set the gas number 10-20 times higher than what is already provided. Following transaction approval, one gets to hold $THRUST and begin the portfolio-building journey by simply holding the token.




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