TIP: If you thinking about using a steel card to store your recovery phrase then skip spending a premium on cold wallet websites. Order from a metal wholesaler for a fraction of the cost.

See the title.

I just read a thread recommending someone to get a stampable cold wallet from a crypto wallet site to store their recovery phrase. While I agree a solid flame-proof steel plate is optimal for recovery seed storage the cost was $$$$. The prices on the product was a $100+ for a single 10 x 6 steel plate with a few lines on it. You also have to do the hard work and stamp it (the stamping kit cost extra) or pay extra for the slidable letter tiles.

You can get a 10×6 steel plate from for like $3 (+ $10 for shipping) then purchase a stamp kit from amazon for $15. It doesn’t have fancy lines on it but I’m sure you can get a line stamp for like $2 somewhere.

Finally, you save yourself from providing a crypto company access to your personal information (name, phone number, address).

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  1. Just to be sure it’s not an overlooked point, since it wasn’t mentioned explicitly in OP, but it’s also essential if doing it DIY style that you come up with your own cryptographic code e.g. numerics that represents your passphrase.

    In the not too distant future, anyone encountering any 24 word phrase is going to know exactly what it is, no matter how its stored.



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