To all the newbies to cryptocurrency MIT OpenCourse and Gary Gensler has helped me understand the fundamentals of BlockChain crypto and finance so much more than any other videos on YouTube. NO PUMP AND DUMP just good solid info.

Gary Gensler does a great job of explaining how Blockchain cryptocurrency and finance all tie together and where the future of this technology is going and how its going to get there. I recommend anyone new(or not so new) to cryptocurrency watch these videos even if they are just playing in the background while you are endlessly watching the tickers.

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  1. Watched these videos about a month ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my limited knowledge of the crypto space. The lectures are very well done and I learned a lot from them. I wish I would have watched them a lot sooner.

  2. I can attest to that. I did not take the lessons on blockchain but something else but their videos are really good in general. They make sure that newbies who know nuts can fully follow or understand the things they teach.

  3. I’m watching this series right now!! It might even get me a job in the crypto field! (Just need to convince the hiring manager I have tech knowledge of blockchain). Regardless, this is great and nice to watch. Education is a powerful tool especially with something so few truly know about. Keep it up OP!

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