To the no-coiners & people concerned with carbon footprint – Everything else you do on a daily basis creates a carbon footprint several times larger than the bitcoin blockchain. – source.

Streaming video (youtube, twitch, netflix, youtube, youku, afreecatv, and more video websites like these) have a carbon footprint 14x larger than bitcoin‘s blockchain.

**Paraphrased citation:**
*Those who have been tempted by cryptocurrencies might also want to think carefully about the environmental impact of the transactions they conduct. Vast amounts of computing power are needed for the so-called “proof of work” algorithm that is used to validate transactions on Blockchain‘s distributed ledger system. One recent study estimated that BitCoin alone is responsible for around 22m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year – greater than all the carbon footprint of the whole of Jordan…*

**Streaming video creates 13x more carbon than bitcoin‘s blockchain:**
*Watching online videos accounts for the biggest chunk of the world’s internet traffic – 60% – and generates 300m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, which is roughly 1% of global emissions, according to French think tank, The Shift Project. This is because, as well as the power used by devices, energy is consumed by the servers and networks that distribute the content.*

Secondly, if you want to save the planet you should be planting trees, not telling people to stop generating carbon. One tree chopped down in a rain forest is more damage done to the environment than putting a new car on the road in America if memory serves correctly.

#TL;DR – Eat vegan, live like a minimalist and plant trees. Don’t whine about who is generating how much carbon. You are either whining about the problem or contributing to a solution.

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  1. Heres me playing xbox, while watching charts, listening to a streamer while having the heater on and sitting on reddit. Oh fuck, elons coming for me next

  2. Agree, it’s not about the lesser of two evils. All innovation begin with a problem, and we have the opportunity to be part of a solution in this exciting time.

  3. Sure. Very hard to believe the guy trying to pioneer electric vehicles and improve batteries so we can actually harness the unlimited clean power of the sun would care at all about the massive energy inefficiency of Bitcoin.

  4. This again lol

    In the US alone about[ 200 *million* people]( are using those services to stream video.

    [Around 400k – 500k people *globally* use the Bitcoin network daily](

    You literally cannot make a comparison here in good faith.

  5. I completely agree with you another doing meaningful things to reduce your footprint, but doesn’t it follow that we should do the same with crypto? If I’m going to tell someone to go vegan to help the earth since it is has such a large impact and is relatively easy to do shouldn’t I use the same logic with crypto? Why not switch to a crypto that provides functionally the same utility (arguably probably better utility) but doesn’t use massive amounts of energy? Surely that’s easier than telling people to switch from streaming videos to some nerd stuff like reading a book or playing outside.

  6. While this is true, it doesn’t mean we should ignore the concerns about BTC’s energy consumption. Just because something is worse doesn’t mean we should ignore the issue. Regardless, the benefits of bitcoin far outweigh the negatives in my opinion.



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