To those who have been in this game for years, how do you view the newcomers who are stacking?


The reason I ask is because there’s now a noticeable difference between acquiring bitcoin from pre-2021 versus now. The main difference is that a whole bitcoin has crossed over from less than most people’s annual salary to more than most people’s annual salary. This is a common mental barrier, the price of one unit of something. According to []( the median salary for Americans is just under $35k (from the most recent data of 2019). The average salary is higher at just under $52k.

I am thankful that I’m aware of Bitcoin now. I have a small taste of what it was like before as I invested a little bit for a short while in 2018, but I stopped because I didn’t have the appreciation and understanding that I do now, stemming from new personal motivations that came up in my life. So yes, I understand that people do deserve the price of Bitcoin that they’re paying. Part of it is dumb luck of knowing the right people and part of it is what is the focus of one’s time and energy.

What is it like knowing that the average person getting in recently and in the future are very unlikely to have multiple bitcoin as time goes on?

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  1. When I bought eight years ago, Bitcoin was very much a gamble. I thought I was a fool to pay $125 per coin, and I was pretty sure I had missed the bus and would never get rich off it. But I was really inspired by what I read about the philosophy, so I decided to buy anyway.

    When I bought, I promised myself I would hold a minimum of ten years, even if it went to zero. I thought the risk of it going to zero was fairly high. Turns out I made the right choice, though.

    Nowadays, I don’t worry about Bitcoin going to zero. It seems really safe. It’s still volatile, but in predictable ways. If you understand the Halvening cycle, there’s little to fear as long as you hold long-term.

    As for what I think about newcomers stacking, more power to them! My one big mistake is that I just bought one time and then stopped. I think anyone who makes it a habit to DCA has got the right idea.

  2. For the 9,914,578,930th time—the price/ownership of an individual coin DOES. NOT. MATTER.

    And there’s no basis to assume a majority of investors ever owned a whole coin at any given time except for perhaps when the prices was <$100. Especially if you consider the average age–and therefore relatively low income level–of early supporters.

    Anecdotal, but I first bought <$100 worth at <$2,000 price. I’ve since purchased more but that proportion has remained relatively consistent (and that’s really just pure coincidence—my incoming cash flow over those years increased pretty proportionally to BTC price). I’ve never owned a whole coin and it’s never once mattered.

What do you think?

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