To those who woke up to their first dip

Steps to stay calm during your first dip:

* take a deep breath (4 seconds in, 6 seconds. This is very important as shallow breathing triggers fight or flight responses and deep breathing helps your body calm down: [](
* grab a seat
* take a few more deep breath
* have some water, maybe even lie down for a few minutes
* go for a walk after your breathing exercises
* compose a strategy in preparation for the next dip (yes, they’ll be plenty more and you don’t want to panic sell at the dip like I did many times)
* continue to monitor the market, but not overly as you’ll most likely get anxiety

Remember. 4 seconds in. 6 seconds out. Repeat. Don’t do anything stupid.

Selling at the dip is silly but remember the young lad who thought his life wasn’t worth living anymore after the Robinhood incident?

Please. Call a friend if you must. Or reach out here. Life is worth living. The market will recover.

Keep calm. Carry on.

Good first noobs. We’re in this together.

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  1. If someone can’t stomach a 20% loss I can’t wait till we see those 90% losses.

    Any money you put in should really be treated as a loss in your mind. Helps when it does become a reality. Never gamble your safety net.

  2. I was told not to invest money I wasn’t okay with losing.

    a 10-20% drop overnight and everything is still worth more than I paid for it except my buy yesterday? I’m ecstatic even though I have no money to spend on the dip. If this is the point where people start freaking out and panic selling and doing breathing exercises then I’m doing FINE.

    Of course in the future I’m expecting bigger dips, and full on crashes. I almost want them to happen to really test out my risk tolerance. It’s easy to talk about your “diamond hands” during a bullrun, I just wanna see how strong they are.

    Plus I paid money for a rollercoaster ride. I’d be upset to get on a rollercoaster and keep going up forever.

  3. It is not a dip, it is a discount.
    Read my name.
    Alternative History – I put it as a “What could happen if I wouldn’t have…. ” so HODL and buy more!

    We saw dips and every year we have a new ATH. 😁

  4. Logically, everyone could’ve taken profits before the dip.

    If you didn’t take a profit, then use this dip as a “discount.”

    Some people would tell you to “buy the dip”, but what they don’t tell you is “buy the dip, and save some money if the dip becomes even bigger.”

    When dealing with cryptocurrencies, the one thing you should avoid doing is to regret anything. Do what is logical to you and avoid regret.



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