Tom Cruise Faces Backlash from Scientologists Over Lifestyle Changes

For decades, Tom Cruise has been the poster child of Scientology, the controversial religion that has divided Hollywood. In 2023, rumors swirled that he was drifting away from the Church, only for Cruise to dramatically prove his commitment by flying a helicopter into the London headquarters. However, it appears that some US-based Scientologists are unhappy with his lifestyle changes and his perceived detachment from the Los Angeles Scientology community.

Rumblings of Discontent in L.A.

According to a source who spoke to InTouch Weekly, many Scientologists in Los Angeles are upset that Cruise is no longer a fixture in the California Scientology scene. “Tom is only in L.A. every six months or so,” the source revealed. “He used to be such a huge presence among the church community and at the church facilities and gatherings in Hollywood and in Los Feliz. That’s simply not the case now.”

The insider continued, “It’s clear he comes to L.A. when he has movie business stuff to attend to, but if he needs to practice Scientology, he’s doing it out of Florida, if at all.” This shift has reportedly caused a stir among those who once looked up to Cruise as a dedicated member of their community.

Hollywood vs. Clearwater

Cruise’s apparent preference for practicing Scientology in Florida, specifically in Clearwater where the Church has a major presence, has not gone unnoticed. “He doesn’t relish spending his precious downtime with Los Angeles Scientologists,” the source said. Many of these members are “mixed up in the entertainment business or still trying to ‘make it’ in Hollywood,” which seems to be a scene Cruise is distancing himself from.

Prioritizing Romance Over Religion?

Adding fuel to the fire are reports that Cruise is more focused on his dating life, particularly with women outside the Scientology community. “You also see him chasing after women who clearly have no interest in Scientology,” the source added. “This is very telling about where Tom’s heart truly is at the moment.”

The source continued, “How great for the church would it be if Tom actually dated a longtime, true-blue member? But that’s not what’s happening at all!” This sentiment highlights the growing concern within the Scientology community about Cruise’s current priorities.

A Shift in Commitment?

Cruise’s commitment to Scientology has been a topic of intense scrutiny over the years. His public displays of loyalty, such as the infamous helicopter arrival at the London headquarters, contrast sharply with his rumored disengagement from the Los Angeles chapter of the Church. While he remains a prominent figure in the religion, it seems his priorities may have shifted from those he once followed so fervently.

What’s Next for Cruise and Scientology?

As Cruise navigates his personal and professional life, the Scientology community watches closely. His actions and affiliations continue to spark debate and speculation, particularly among those who once viewed him as a steadfast supporter of their cause. Whether his recent behavior signifies a permanent change or just a phase remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Cruise continues to be a Hollywood heavyweight, captivating audiences with his on-screen performances and off-screen antics. His evolving relationship with Scientology adds yet another layer to the enigmatic persona that has fascinated the public for decades.


Tom Cruise’s relationship with Scientology appears to be at a crossroads. As he balances his career, personal life, and religious commitments, the world watches with bated breath. One thing is certain: Cruise’s journey, both as an actor and a Scientologist, is far from over, and it will undoubtedly continue to captivate and intrigue fans and critics alike.

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