Tomochain stole 25k tomo (40-50k USD) from me while im dying of liver failure. I need this money to stay alive.

You may have seen my last thread already:

I left out of this thread that my health is in extremely poor condition, my liver failed 6+ months ago and my health has been rapidly degrading since. You can verify this by checking my post history and seeing my blood work here:

I didn’t mention this before because I shouldn’t have to. I didn’t want to turn this into a pity party and I refuse to beg for donations and let the community pay for something that shouldn’t even be possible on a decentralized chain.

**In Brief:** I held ERC20 Tomo tokens in my wallet on the idex v1 contract pre-swap, like 3 years ago. Tomo then locked all the tokens and swapped over to their mainnet. However, only people that had their tokens in the idex v1 contract had to fill out an application with a deadline of December 2020 to get their tokens back. I did not now this and could not remember the password to my wallet. Liver failure greatly affects the memory. Tomo refuses to return the tokens that are verifiably linked to my wallet even after being informed of my health and promising to get into contact with me. They still have them and are voting on what to spend them on.

Tomochain forums thread:

Archive link in case they censor again:

You can see in the above thread that the project leader actually responds in a amicable manner. However, no one contacted me. I waited 2 days, messaged him, the other mods he mentions that were supposed to contact me, and updated my post. ALL of them have been active on the forums after I contacted them and read receipts are built in to the forum functionality, so I know they’ve read my messages. This tells me that I’m never getting my coins back. Why they would risk their entire reputation on this is beyond me. If they were pure scammers, they never would have returned anyone’s idex coins or extended the deadline to begin with. I suspect its because of the price appreciation.

**I’m asking the community to help me get visibility on this in anyway you can. If you have twitter followers, please tweet this thread. If you know someone that might be able to help, please ask. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them as promptly as I can but my health is poor and unpredictable.**



-Tomochain is being extremely shady about stealing the coins of a dying person who needs them to fucking stay alive.

-They have banned me from telegram and censored my posts on their forums

-Tomochain is NOT decentralized. If it was, they wouldn’t be able to do this.

-If you hold tomochain tokens, they can take your coins too just like they did mine.

***The team has responded and is accusing me of lying. They are implying that I somehow thought ahead of time 7 months to create fake blood work for liver failure and then waited till after the tomo deadline to use it to somehow scam them? I’m not even sure, it doesn’t make sense to me. It looks likey are trying to intimidate me into letting them keep the coins. You can see the response here and here***

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  1. Surgeon here. Your liver is not failing according to your blood work. Your enzymes are slightly elevated which can be due to several reasons auch as increased alcohol intake. Whats crucial to diagnose liver failure and is lacking in your blood work is the INR OR Quick. It determines if your liver functions in regard of coagulation. So sorry to break it to you. This looks super fake

  2. The fact that Tomo chain would recoup coins from inactive accounts is insane. Who the hell would ever buy it is it’s run like this? Currency should not be managed this capriciously.

  3. If OP is telling the truth and gets his money, I would be extremely happy for him, and I’d wish him the best for his future.

    That being said, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t heartfully enjoy the shitstorm ensuing if OP tried pulling a scam.

  4. All y’all saying TOMO is a shitcoin, there’s obviously money tied up in this. Quit calling it a shitcoin because you didn’t make the money this time lmao

  5. Nobody stole anything from you. Even if this story is true, this is not theft and is slander. Posting this backfired at best and gave Tomo a rope to hang you at worst. Prepared to be legally screwed on top of that failing liver, if that shit is even true.

    BTW your alleged liver numbers are more intune with someone with very poor life choices than a victim of circumstance. But again, based on the wonderful detective work of this community, its pretty much unanimous that you are full of it.

  6. Per OPs edit: you don’t think someone would write a few posts as part of a 7mo plan to make 6 figures? And you could be a dude with health concerns who’s pulling a scam for all we know. We need evidence that you’re a legit holder and not medical history, don’t tug at heart strings.

  7. I have no clue what’s true or not or anything about tomo but I’m surprised by the majority “lol get fucked” attitude here in the comments.

    I guess all I can say is OP, either you’re dumb as nails for posting this, or I really hope you can recover the money for your health’s sake.

    Idk, I have a hard time believing anyone would out themselves in such a situation, and also that this situation would be possible, and also that it couldn’t be resolved according to OP’s needs. This whole thing is just wild.

  8. Regardless of whether or not OP is legit, I think forced migrations with hard deadlines are totally unforgivable.

    If that’s actually how tomo did things then fuck them.

  9. mmm ya i’m going to stay nice and just say you both have good arguments although i will almost always side with the blockchain. This is the cost of being your own bank. Always being aware of what is going on with all cryptos you own.

  10. why are you putting money you need for your health in a shitcoin no one knows?!

    I live in a country with socialised health care have good income and still wouldnt put as much money in fuckin Tomocoin. Never even heard of that. If you invest in anything other than maybe the top 10 coins in market cap, prepare to lose everything – simple as that.

  11. Sounds like someone is aware of someone else’s locked up coins, and is doing a public pressure campaign for Tomo to go against policy and standard safeguards to get this scammer someone else’s money. I know nothing about crypto, but I know scammers though.

  12. I’m staying on middle ground. TOMO team has replied and you both have conflicting stories, plus there is no evidence.

    Do not donate to OP until he proves that he owned TOMO tokens and can back this all up, I’d hate for people to lose their money to a fake sob story. That said, if it’s true, by all means provide the evidence and we can help out, but I’m not picking a side until I see something of substance.



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