Top Crypto April Fool Jokes That You Missed

Top Crypto April Fool Jokes That You Missed


The first day of the new month began with loads of April Jokes, especially the crypto community who have been notorious for pulling some of the most brilliantly disguised Jokes which many fall for every year. Last year the buzz was mostly around Bitcoin ETF, so the most talked about jokes came around Bitcoin ETF approvals. This year however there were too many well-disguised jokes that began with Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit against the SEC.


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SEC Settles Lawsuit Against Ripple For $100M Fine

The April Fool joke was heavily circulated in the Asian markets claiming SEC has settled the case against Ripple with $100 million in fines and restriction on trading. The fine value kept changing from people to people.

Litecoin Rebranded as BitcoinLite

The second most talked about Joke came from the Litecoin founder Charlie Lee himself who claimed that Litecoin would be re-named to Bitcoin Lite. He went onto claim that the move was inspired by the Bitcoin White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

US Treasury Adopts USDC as Dollar Equivalent

The next big April Fool Joke came from Circle Pay co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire who claimed that the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury Reserve have mutually decided to adopt USDC as the new Dollar Digital Currency standard.

Indian Online Marketplace Adds Bitcoin Payment Option

In other news, the Indian online marketplace Flipkart also took the opportunity to claim it would start offering a Bitcoin payment option on their platform for now. Many western crypto influencers including Pomp fell for the joke and shared it as another great step towards bitcoin adoption.


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AWS Bigger Than Filecoin

Filecoin, the decentralized cloud storage protocol which was recently added to the Grayscale trust has risen by nearly 300% over the past week making its market value greater than AWS. The sharp price rise post-double-spend FUD has made it one of the fastest-growing altcoins even making it to the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Peter Schiff Says He is a Bitcoin Believer Now

Peter Schiff, the avid gold proponent and someone who loves to claim Bitcoin is a bubble even now. Schiff’s April Fool joke was based around believing in Bitcoin.

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