Tor update 0.4.7—the first stable version of Tor with support for congestion control—finally after years of work. Effects on the Bitcoin network layers.

**TL;WR** (Too lazy; won’t read)
Congestion control arrives in Tor 0.4.7. It means a faster Tor. Exit relay operators: Please Upgrade!. What effects might it have on Bitcoin base/upper layers?

**TS;WM** (Too short; want more)

* **Congestion Control Arrives in Tor 0.4.7-stable** [[1]]( control will eliminate the speed limit of current Tor, as well as **reduce latency** by minimizing queue lengths at relays. It will result in significant performance improvements in Tor, as well as increased utilization of our network capacity.
* **Congestion Control Means a Faster Tor** [[2]](http://pzhdfe7jraknpj2qgu5cz2u3i4deuyfwmonvzu5i3nyw4t4bmg7o5pad.onion/congestion-contrl-047/index.html)Users of Tor versions 0.4.7 and above will experience **faster performance** when using Exits or Onion Services that have upgraded to 0.4.7. This means that in order for users to see the benefits of these improvements, we need our Exit relay operators to **upgrade to the new Tor 0.4.7 stable series, asap!**
* **Exit Relay Operators: Please Upgrade!** [[3]]( faster performance and increased utilization of congestion control means that we will soon be able to use the full capacity of the Tor network. This means that all relays will soon experience new bottlenecks. Congestion control should prevent these bottlenecks from overwhelming relays completely, but this behavior may come as a surprise to operators who were used to the last several years of low CPU and bandwidth utilization.
* **The Future** [[4]]([…] this does not mean that Tor will never carry UDP traffic. On the contrary, congestion control deployment means that queue delay and latency will be much more stable and predictable. **This will enable us to** **carry UDP without packet drops in the network**, and only drop UDP at the edges, when the congestion window becomes full. We are hopeful that this new behavior will match what existing UDP protocols expect, allowing their use over Tor.
* **What effects might it have on Bitcoin layers?**Is there already or will there be any improvement in Bitcoin data transmission caused by this improvement. What sounded like something desirable, but non-existent 4 years ago, would be on the table today, e.g.: [Why doesn’t Bitcoin use UDP to do Blockpropagation?]( and [Can someone please explain FIBRE to me like I’m 5 and why is it useful?](

Many questions cross my mind on the edge of metaphysics, others remain only in physics. Tor, layers, money, BTC, layers, atomic orbitals of the electron with different energy levels, layers, bureaucracy, excessive artificial and unjustified layers, liers, lawyers, von der Leyens… life: layers.

Some of these ideas/words are influenced/copied by some of you in this sub. Maybe you can recognise your words and know that they have not been totally overlooked. Thank you.

The first thing that comes to mind is the LN⚡️. This network is already today practically instantaneous. However, I think that in the eyes of uneducated and/or disinterested users, the faster the better.

I would very much like to experiment with LN, but due to limitations of my available hardware resources I cannot yet enable my own node. Then I could speak with data and numbers on this particular topic. In the meantime I can only do research, but with advances like these I allow myself in the meantime to dream of better transmissions ~~at quantum speeds~~ just by optimising what we already have. It seems obvious to me that both networks should work together and benefit us with their speed and privacy and layers and everything else. Pure engineering.


^(*Facts* and *Opinions*, as malformed/biased as read/interpreted/misunderstood from available *info*. Inaccuracies are to be expected. Flaws in logic are guaranteed. Not to mention grammatical and spelling errors and horrors.)

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  1. Tor is a very useful component for the Bitcoin system. I use its hidden services to reliably connect an Android to my Bitcoin node from anywhere in the world. Otherwise there would need to be a static IP.

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