Torus Kling to launch its first Ether and BTC exchange fund in India

TL;DR Breakdown

• The company submitted an ETF application to Indian regulators.
• Torus Kling sees a future in Ethereum-traded funds.

Recently the company Torus Kling, born from the partnership between Kling Trading and CFH, has just signed a contract with the Indian company INX to promote its first Ethereum exchange fund. According to reports, this would be the first ETF in Ethereum within India, even though South Asia has no established policies against cryptos.

The finance company seeks to raise $1 billion in managed funds over several years. In this way, the financial company will try to dominate the Ethereum ETFs in India by following the regulator’s standards.

Joint companies launch Ether ETF in India

Torus Kling

India has gained priority in the cryptocurrency market for its unfinished policies against them, even opening the possibility for Torus Kling, a joint company, to launch a trading fund. The financial firm will launch its Ethereum ETF within Gift City at the end of the tax year. However, the company clarifies that they will try to comply with the rules established by the IFSCA with other crypto regulatory agencies in the country.

Torus Kling was born from the merger between CFH, a financial company that offers services within the cloud, and Kling Trading, a cryptographic solutions firm. The joint company reportedly offers liquidity services for India INX through a dynamic connection for orders.

Ethereum ETF by Torus Kling

Torus Kling plans to launch a trading fund for all Indian investors, not based on Bitcoin, but on Ethereum, corresponding to the number two currency in decentralized trading. This trading fund will allow enthusiasts to obtain their tokens without taking a risk and make money with them. However, the joint firm faces a great challenge: the IFSCA, the highest regulatory authority in India.

The Torus Kling company has gotten ahead of the project by successfully submitting a petition to the national regulator. You have only to wait for the IFSCA to authorize the Ethereum ETF so that the firm can make an official announcement.

As financial companies in India move into their first Ethereum ETF, the cryptocurrency has soared in price to over 3 percent in the past seven days. According to CoinMarketCap, Ether is trading at $3,277, with a market capitalization reaching almost 390 billion.

This Ethereum rise is because Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the best capitalization in the market, broke the bearish streak since December 2021. Today Bitcoin is recovering with a value of $43,061 after having a rise of 0.61 percent in the last 24 hours.

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