Tosdis Finance to Release Staking as a Service for All ERC20, BSC and Polkadot Tokens


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Tosdis Finance is planning to deploy Staking-as-a-Service for BSC by the end of 2020, and for Polkadot in Q1 2021. The team will use their high-speed low-cost network, EasyStake, to connect tokens to DeFi projects, which in turn will allow users to stake tokens in return for rewards.

Started in the 2nd quarter of 2020, Tosdis Finance is the team of professionals that has created the first decentralized network that operates across different blockchains, paving the way to mass adoption.

Their aim is to help DeFi projects grant crypto users a way to stake their preferred cryptocurrency across a variety of blockchains, including Polkadot, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Chainlink, and more.

The EasyStake Network

Proof-of-Stake is a consensus protocol used on some blockchains that is based on validating transactions by randomly selected stakeholders.

And as DeFi performed extraordinarily well in 2020, major cryptocurrencies advanced further on their PoS plans. Furthermore, the trend inside the crypto community is to decide the blockchain winner of 2021 based on the best staking implementation. And as it seems, the DeFi sector needs to take a step forward in that direction as well.

Therefore Tosdis Finance worked hard and on a fast pace to release the EasyStake network in order to connect any ERC-20 tokens to various protocols.

This way, the DeFi projects will allow their users to stake tokens in return for rewards.

At the backbone of the staking network rests the Tosdis Token, which assures the functionality of the platform fee system.

And to protect the value and long-term use of the Tosdis Token, the algorithm is also equipped with a deflation mechanism that burns tokens.

But the utility of the Tosdis EasyStake network does not stop here.

The Tosdis Finance team is also planning to further develop the DeFi sector by implementing liquid staking that will group the staked assets based on projects and give in exchange derivative assets that can be used on various financial products.

This way the crypto users will not only have the possibility of staking their tokens, but will also have the liberty of investing liquidities in other projects while staking.

It’s like having a savings account from which you can use your funds without the fear of losing the interest.

The benefits of Tosdis EasyStake

The main benefit of the Tosdis EasyStake network is, by far, the long-term yield provided by their service. In the staking mechanism employed by Tosdis, the longer a user is going to stake, the higher his rewards are going to be.

And even if staking implies locking funds into a contract, the liquid staking approach will grant all users derivatives equal to the amount of cryptocurrency they intend to stake with.

This way, it will help crypto holders manage their assets more easily, safely, and efficiently and help to further improve the growth of the DeFi sector.

Furthermore, in the first part of 2021, the Tosdis team is also planning to release Yield-Farming-as-a-Service and Liquid Staking for PoS coins.

The Yeld-Farming-as-a-Service will give cryptocurrency users more accessibility towards earning yields by farming ERC20 tokens, while PoS Liquid Staking will allow the tokenization of various PoS, granting easier access to DeFis.

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