TosDis to Hold its Public Sale on Polkastarter



Initial Dex Offering from the house of TosDis is scheduled on 18th January 2021. The sale will be held on the Polkastarter platform and has been divided into two parts. Unlike many of its contemporaries, TosDis has taken the route of self-funding for its inception. This means that there are no parties that have already got a large share of tokens before the sale goes live. This fact is certain to bring more credibility to the sales process.

In terms of the specific details, the token sales of TosDis will have a total supply of 100,000 DIS. Out of this total supply, 35,000 DIS will be offered as a part of the public offering. 8750 DIS tokens will be allocated on the Polkastarter platform, while the allocation on the TosDis will be 26250 DIS. There is an individual cap of 7 ETH on the sale.

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The primary objective behind the inception of TosDis is to offer users the convenience of interoperability in the domain of decentralized finance. The organization aims to provide a range of solutions and wants to emerge as a preferred destination for investors in the coming years. Some of the platform’s important services include liquid staking, staking as a service, peer to peer borrowing platform, and an advanced version of the decentralized exchange.

Using the TosDis, creators will offer their tokens to communities based upon PoS and PoW projects. This will be made possible through the Easystake decentralized protocol that will utilize smart contracts as its base. This fundraising process will help the company to continue its research process to invent novel solutions in decentralized finance in the future. It is a crucial juncture for TosDis, and the company is expecting to become the face of DeFi interoperable solutions among the investors in the coming time.

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