Track your ACB to keep your sanity

My very first crypto purchase was back this February 3rd, where I bought CAD$100 worth of BTC, which at the time was approximately 0.002 BTC.
According to CoinGecko, the average Bitcoin price for the day was ~ **$37,500**.

Since then, I’ve been part DCAing, part lump-sum investing (especially during the May-June crash, where we got a glimpse of sub-$30K).
I’ve grown my BTC holdings over 150X, while successfully maintaining an adjusted cost base (ACB) of **$38,781** (thanks to [Koinly]( for calculating it for me).

With all the volatility since February, I’m glad to have maintained such an ACB; I’m not so far off [Michael Saylor’s average of $27,713 to-date](, considering how high we have seen BTC go in the interim.

**My point**: DCAing into the market is important, but actively knowing what your ACB is – and doing all you can to keep it as low as possible – helps to keep you just a little more sane during these chaotic times and dumps in the market, encouraging you to not just buy on the dip, but to throw even more down on the table when we *really* dump.

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