Trade derviatives peer-to-peer on Bitcoin – Public alpha testing on testnet

**Growing your Bitcoin should not require a central exchange**

Central Exchanges suck. Why do we still rely on them? Because there is hardly any decentralized, peer to peer Bitcoin *trading* solutions out there. Recently, atomic swaps are finally seeing some traction and one can find some tools that are actually usable. But, atomic swaps are not enough – we want to grow our Bitcoin without the need of swapping into another asset. We are aiming higher and are building derivative trading directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.

If you like growing your Bitcoin without going into another asset you will like this. We are building a non-custodial Contract For Difference (CFD) trading solution on Bitcoin. What does that mean?

**No middle man. No account. Just you and your keys.**

This becomes possible using [Discreet Log Contracts (DLC)]( directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. This shifts trust from an otherwise central platform to the Bitcoin Blockchain itself. Similar to an atomic swap both CFD trading parties lock up funds in a Bitcoin multisig. The payout of the mutlisig is then decided by an Oracle, a third, independent party that periodically publishes signed price information.

You know BitMEX? What we are building is BitMEX without the centralized platform; i.e. we are building perpetual swaps without the need for an account on BitMEX.

**Don’t trust, verify**

Sounds shady? In the crypto space it is not easy to convince anybody that what we build is not “a scam”. And, for sure, there will be people that point fingers and scream scam. We like to let the code speak – it is open source and available at: [](
The code of our main repository is powered with ❤️ and [DLC]( by u/comit-network and is based on the [hermes]( project. The COMIT team is supporting us with research and implementation of the protocol.

**Join the journey**

ItchySats is still early stage software. We don’t want you to lose money. Trust in software that implements complex protocols such as DLCs requires time and a lot of testing.

We are currently alpha testing on Bitcoin testnet. Learn more by joining us on:

* [Twitter](
* [Telegram](
* [Website](

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  1. >DLCs are arguably more secure than earlier oracle-based methods because an oracle that commits to a false result generates clear evidence of fraud.

    And how does “clear evidence of fraud” deter fraud?

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