Transaction still not confirmed after 1 day

I sent Bitcoin yesterday to Kraken, Kraken shows the coin there but waiting to confirm on the block chain, so far it has 0 confirmations
I set the fees to be the standard. Kind of getting worried now

Here is the transaction

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you

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  1. Total hashrate has dropped significantly, most probably due to the coal mine explosion in China bringing huge power disruption there. You raise the fee if you need it done, or it will be done anyway if you wait.

  2. Yesterday there was some fundraiser that required paying in bitcoin. Thousands of people participated and there was at least 15K payments. It figures that fees bumped a bit.

    It should settle over the weekend or so if nothing major transpire.

  3. > waiting to confirm

    Power outage in China. Many miners offline.

    Currently down 49.7% over the last 42 hours. Fairly historic event. The retarget, due to the drop, has moved out to May 9th, so we are stuck here for the next three weeks.

    Apparently China holds at least 49.7% of the BTC hash rate (*eek*). I would have hoped that these were pool miners that would have joined other pools by now, but perhaps it just takes a while for them to reconfigure.

    Lesson to pool miners. Have an alternate pool setup ready to swap.



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