Transitory inflation now (officially) declared as REAL inflation

Transitory inflation now (officially) declared as REAL inflation

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  1. The US Dollar has no credibility… These clowns have no credibility…

    What’s almost funny is that their form of money requires a lot of trust, and yet these clowns have continued to be anything but trustworthy.

  2. I wrote out a long winded response saying how I got curious and devoted far too much of my time over the last decade learning economics and how this was all being blown out of proportion. I caught myself making a few realizations however and my conclusion is now that yes, the US Dollar is fucked.

    A lot of what they are saying is truthful. Part, perhaps most of the inflation we are experiencing is because of supply chain disruptions. However, with the way American economics work at a fundamental level, It is here to stay. The Federal government wont be able to do what is needed to curb it, They have been crippled for the better part of a decade by their propaganda wars against each other. It will only further the transfer of wealth.

    One side wants government to control the world and its people, the other side wants corporations. Either way the people lose.

  3. The market was a fool to believe the “transitory” lie in the first place. Americans paying 5-10k over MSRP on new cars for example, is the clearest sign ever inflation is out of control.

  4. I don’t know what’s worse, that they are really such shitty economists that they are genuinely surprised by this or that they are intentionally trying to hobble the USD and remove the United States as a world power.

  5. Not much has been said about Joe’s hand picked appointee that was no longer considered to run the Fed… because Powell was doing such a fine job? It’s all money & power.

  6. That’s not at all what he said. Their opinion on inflation hasn’t changed. Their opinion of reading comprehension within markets has – and not for the better – and apparently well founded.

  7. Transitory ended up being TRANSITORY. Welcome Inflation; my prayer is we do not have the inflation of the 70’s and ‘80’s under Paul Volker.The world as we know it is changing- we have had low rates and minimal inflation for more than 30 years now we have to ADAPT!!God save us all .

  8. Isn’t this bad for Bitcoin? If interest rates are going up, people will sell off risky assets first and the dollar and bonds will become more attractive to hold. Considering how much leverage there is in cryptocurrencies, it could unwind a lot the price too.

  9. Crypto currencies should fly now that the top central banker admits that Inflation is no longer to be considered “transitory”. Central bankers from around the world have been printing Fiat currencies as if it were movie tickets and paper napkins. Worthless.

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