TripLeverage Gears Up for an Upcoming ILO on Unicrypt

TripLeverage Gears Up for an Upcoming ILO on Unicrypt

TripLeverage’s upcoming initial liquidity offering (ILO) is set to start on Monday, 23rd August. The ILO will go live on Unicrypt and is expected to carry through until 5th September, at block 10661631. 

TripLeverage will not offer a private sale or incubator tokens. The company aims to sell 100% of the maximum supply during the Fair Launch ILO. However, the market cap is low during the ILO but has a considerable upside moon potential. 

This new move will make it easier for users to refer their companies and earn from them. The company will offer 50% cashback revenue so that users can get TripLeverage tokens- TLT. The rest of the revenue will be used to buy and burn the token to remain sustainable. Currently, TripLeverage has several efficient methods to generate income. Following the new addition, all this revenue will go back into buying and buying tokens. 

New Partnerships for Project’s Success

TripLeverage has partnered with some robust companies to make a move into the blockchain world possible. QuillAudits, a security audit platform for smart contracts, audits the company to ensure its integrity. Another security auditing company, SolidProof, carries out the KYC checks. 

Another unique feature of this venture is that BitBook is incubating it. This partnership will bring in new lead flow, thus generating more revenue. As a result, TripLeverage can use more income to buy and burn tokens to reward the community. Instead of using farming rewards, TripLeverage will offer its users static rewards. This is a way for the company to encourage users to hold their tokens for a higher cashback in future. Also, it will ensure that users are rewarded based on the travel volume and their wallet size. 

Solutions for Every Traveller

TripLeverage has been operational since 2020 and has managed to come up with different income streams. The travel management company offers various solutions to ensure seamless travel for its customers. The inclusion of blockchain technology will help the company improve its services by providing a one-stop solution for travellers. Users access all the services they require through the platform, including booking, accommodation, and transportation. Seasoned users can also use the platform to customize their travel plans and control their expenditure. Thanks to the detailed report analysis, users also get to track their travel records through TripLeverage and gain insight into their travel expenses. What’s more, users can use the TripLeverage platform from anywhere in the world. 

For More Information 

The Unicrypt website contains more information on the presale. Details of the TLT tokens are also available on the official Telegram channel. 

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