true story 😐

true story 😐

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  1. Don’t feel bad man, I was one click away of buying 20 BTC for 20€ back in 2010 (2nd year of college) and then I thought “what am I doing, this is useless, better save this 20€ to go out tomorrow”. Well well well.

    At least now I have some DOGE.

  2. Damn I felt this one, had two friends with bitcoin back then one helped us all melt our young fragile minds with huge rocks of pure mdma, I mean every party in high school was a complete next level banger but the one guy we knew that invested $70,000 of his dads life savings after he passed away became a millionaire, last I ever heard of him was when bitcoin hit $18,000 and he moved away

    While me I decided it was best to not buy any “sketchy dark web currency”, obviously would have either sold at a couple hundred or 1000 being broke burnt out dummy in high school or would have been forever locked out of my wallet and would of been one of those “if i could access my crypto wallet id be a millionaire” guys

  3. Yep, this exactly. Same year too. Discovered bitcoin from an article I read about the Silk Road and started researching it. Thought it might be interesting to invest a bit of money in as speculation, but I was pretty broke at the time, so I asked some friends of mine what they thought. All of them told me I was nuts for even considering buying bitcoin and roasted me every time I brought it up. 1BTC was around 25USD then. Even one would have been life changing.

    What’s even worse is that I remember signing up for a wallet at the time that promised 10USD in free bitcoin, and so I’ve tried multiple times to find it, even though I’m pretty sure it was a scam and they never gave it to me.

    And then I missed out again when I got into sports gambling on Bovada, which uses BTC for withdrawals, and would always transfer the BTC to USD immediately, because I was still really worried about the instability. This was in late 2018, when 1BTC was like 3000-4000 USD. If only I’d just left it in my wallet…

    All I’m saying is that I’m going to be really disappointed if my little pile of ADA isn’t worth a million dollars in a decade.

  4. I wanted to buy something on a certain black market and I didn’t buy btc because I didn’t want to get scammed oh and I didn’t really had an easy way of paying for them.

  5. nano market cap under $1B rn, but functions as a better bitcoin IMO.

    Even if btc is your main bag, $500 now and hodl’d gets you a 100 nano stack (which is roughly the same % of total supply as owning 17btc) so you don’t have to post the same thing in 9 years to r/cc

    plus it’s fully issued with no inflation (theoretically perfect S2Fx aka stock to flow characteristics). Settles instantly on layer 1 with no fees. Sounds too good to be true until you try it (3 minutes to verify yourself)

    download @natriumio -> to get a small test amount WOW SUCH FAST NO FEES SOV

  6. This is how I feel looking back at the beginning of 2020… all my favourite projects were 95% off and I was busy playing video games trying to not look at my portfolio. DCA is your friend. Still lots of time to get in before the hordes of people in the coming years.

  7. I was ready to invest back when the price was under 1k but thought the only way to get bitcoin was to mine it and it seemed complicated so I just forgot about it. Fast forward 6 years later or so and bitcoin is at 50k lol.

    Life just be like that sometimes.

  8. Theres a difference in buying something that appreciates value and has very little use besides financial gain and buying something that actually has real world use. Lets be real Bitcoin still hasn’t gotten to the point where it has a lot of use. You’re thinking in 2012 is still right in that regard.



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