Turkey banning crypto proves that you need crypto.

Turkey is attempting to preserve their monopoly over the money supply. They simply feel threatened by cryptos use as a currency.

Turkey has begun banning crypto:

The reason is simple: crypto is potentially better than their fiat. For example, crypto proponents have long argued that bitcoin is a better means of payment than gold or fiat currencies because its supply is cut by half every four years via a programmed code known as mining reward halving.

It takes away the governments ability to inflate, devalue, and demonetize. Turkey banning crypto is simply proof that you need crypto.

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  1. Turkey is not banning cryptocurrency because it’s ‘better than fiat’. They’re banning it because there’s huge FUD about the Turkish economy that keeps compounding itself.. people buy gold crypto etc because they fear the currency will lose value and this creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. There is a bank in Bulgaria that banned buying crypto with the money you hold in the bank and being associated in any way with crypto. If it hurts them, it makes me happy.



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