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Cryptocurrency holders that became successful through either mining, DeFi, or NFTs, often are left with large amounts of BTC, ETH, or another blue-chip digital asset.

While this in and of itself isn’t a negative thing, wealth comes with its own set of challenges.

For example, using that wealth to buy real estate, pay bills, or spoil themselves a bit with Rolexes and APs, requires going into cash because so few businesses accept crypto today.

Even with the asset class going more mainstream, businesses still face too many hurdles currently.

The traditional banking system creates barriers that stifle spending crypto freely, despite their borderless capabilities. Thankfully, Swapin’s innovative crypto-to-fiat solutions are paving the way for a more connected financial system where crypto and fiat can coexist naturally.

BTC Miners Have A Solution For Rising Revenues

Consider a large-scale Bitcoin miner with several years in the market. At this point, not only should they have amassed a substantial sum of BTC in their connected wallets, but the price per BTC will have also risen creating a massive value increase.

Such operations will need cash flow to scale, pay bills, employees, maintenance needs, and more. But when your revenue model is based on BTC, converting to cash regularly becomes a challenge.

Swapin’s CEO Evald Hannes Kree faced this same issue during the early days of crypto and sought to change that by launching a crypto-to-fiat solution with the goal of breaking down barriers and bridging the gap between crypto and the world of traditional finance.

Today, Swapin innovations are solving these problems and many more.

DeFi Investors Don’t Need To HODL ETH Forever

In another example, imagine an early DeFi investor has been staking their assets since the category’s inception. Early APY rates were substantial, and asset values have only increased up until the recent correction.

Swapping DeFi coins back into ETH is simple enough, but when you need to convert to cash for income or spending, the same hurdles exist. There was no easy way to move ETH into cash, until now.

Swapin B2C products and services include crypto-to-fiat solutions called Instapay and Install. Instapay makes paying recurring bills, memberships, rent, and more all possible with an instant crypto-to-fiat solution.

Instafill is ideal for one-off payments, whether it is sending money to friends, family, or someone traveling abroad.

In our final example, an NFT artist might also have amassed a large sum of ETH from the collection they minted recently that has since taken off. In most cases, spending the ETH to buy real estate, cars, jewelry, and more was nearly impossible, or simply required cash to complete the transaction.

Swapin’s B2B solutions allow businesses and merchants to easily accept crypto payments, yet instantly receive an equal amount of fiat to a connected bank account. Tools like CoinCollector benefit invoice-based businesses by allowing them to send a payment link to complete the purchase in crypto.

E-Com is a similar solution but works through an easily implementable widget that makes accepting crypto a breeze. Best of all, Swapin solutions eliminate the risk of crypto volatility during the process and also cover accounting, compliance, and more.

What Can Swapin Solutions Do For You?

Swapin is one of the fastest-growing crypto brands today. A highly successful funding round attached the finance industry’s best talent to the team, and will propel the company to the next level.

A rebranding and ambitious roadmap was also revealed, further increasing the company’s momentum. Swapin is now partnering with brands like RE/MAX, E-Jewels, Aufort Gold, and more to make crypto adoption happen in real time.

Swapin is a licensed and regulated pioneer in the crypto-to-fiat payments space. To learn more about how to convert DeFi earnings, NFT profits, or mining revenue instantly into fiat using Swapin solutions, visit the official website or the company blog for more information.

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