Twins that helped Satoshi Nakamoto develop Bitcoin surface


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bogdanoff twins claim they helped Satoshi develop Bitcoin
  • The twins became famous as they reveal more Satoshi Nakamoto details
  • There’s also a Conspiracy theory about how twins touched alien

The Bogdanoff twins have announced that they had a hand in the development of Bitcoin and helped Satoshi Nakamoto develop the number one cryptocurrency.

Their announcement follows a trending meme showing one of the twins on the phone telling whales to initiate a crypto-market dump.

The twins said they helped Satoshi Nakamoto during an interview hosted on L’Heure des Pros. The twins said as mathematicians that they are, they helped the crypto developer elaborate on some of the source code. Particularly, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff Claim to have helped elaborate on Bitcoins Predictive code.

“Igor and I, as mathematicians, were able to participate in the elaboration of some of the [Bitcoin] source code, especially the ‘predictive code’,” Grichka Bogdanoff told his interviewer.

About Satoshi Nakamoto’s assistants Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff

The twins became famous in France for hosting science education TV show TempsX in the 1980s.

The twins have been scientific essayists and while Igor has a doctorate in theoretical physics, his brother has a doctorate in mathematics.

They have been the subject of many controversies over the years, including disputes about the veracity of their academic credentials and a recent court case alleging that they scammed a bipolar millionaire.

The popularity of the Bogdanoff meme follows an online trend that began in 2015 when a Reddit user posted a photo of the twins in the subreddit r/wtf, with the title “How do they think is attractive?!” in reference to what looks like botched plastic surgery.

In 2017, an anonymous 4chan user posted a made-up list of conspiracy theories about the Bogdanoff brothers, such as direct contact with aliens, the ability to control the French prime minister and “evidence which suggests that the Rothschilds are operating under their supervision.”

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