Two days left until 200-days moving average at ATH

In a few days, both simple and exponential 200-days moving average on BTC/USD will be at an all-time-high (as long as we stay above $11000). For long-term stock and FX traders, that’s an extremely bullish signal on the most commonly used moving-average period, especially given that the 50-days moving average is more than 12% above the 200-days one.


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  1. Some have been here before.

    We know the drill, it can never reach a new ath, the halving is in the price, even grandma knows Bitcoin etc etc.

    Than the last sprint and we have the blow off top.

    Surprise surprise, it goes down after that, see it’s a ponzi, this is the end, we warned you to get out looser.

    Than some 3 years of side movement and the usual comments.

    And were back at the start again…

    Buckle up…..



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