U.K Citizens to Get Free Crypto Tax Services From

U.K Citizens to Get Free Crypto Tax Services From, formerly known as Monaco, is a cryptocurrency website based in Hong Kong. was founded in 2016 and has over 3 million users now worldwide. With the launch of a crypto exchange in 2019, started offering many services like mobile wallets, MCO visa cards, crypto investment services, crypto tokens, debit cards, and various other blockchain-powered services. Tax is one such service that deals in cryptocurrency and offers to file crypto taxes at zero cost. Filing complicated crypto tax becomes easy with the free service offered by Tax. claims that its service will help users generate organized and accurate tax reports. 

The service also provides transaction details, records for capital gains and losses, and taxable as well as non-taxable transactions related to cryptocurrency. 

The platform is easy to use. Users can import the transaction history of cryptocurrencies of over 20 supported exchanges simply by uploading a CSV file. app can provide a similar service by using API synchronization with major platforms. Tax then provides a quick estimate of gains and losses, taxes on crypto transactions, and more using the share-pooling calculation method. The report can be downloaded in a reporting format for tax filing purposes. 

The service is now available for UK users at zero cost. The Tax services are tailored and customized as per the tax requirements in the United Kingdom. worked with tax professionals and financial advisors to develop a logical tax calculation that is in line with the guidelines and laws of the United Kingdom for filing a crypto tax.

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