Ubitquity to Give Live Demo of SmartEscrow Platform


Ubitquity LLC is a blockchain-based enterprise dedicated to real estate businesses and recordkeeping. The company recently announced the successful launch of the SmartEscrow platform for the United States real estate market, including banks, underwriters, title and escrow industries. 

SmartEscrow live has an interactive demo platform. It features three interfaces viz, agents and title companies, administration, and counterparties. Ubitquity is also planning to launch a mobile version for the SmartEscrow platform by the end of this year. 

According to Nathan Wosnack, founder and CEO of Ubitquity LLC, they are providing a solution for the automation and streamlining of the real estate industry on the blockchain. SmartEscrow is offering a first-ever true cryptocurrency for real estate as per the market demands. This will allow traders to make transactions using stablecoins like PAXOS, PAXOS Gold, TrueUSD, USDC, etc. 

The wallets on the platform are designed to meet the requirements of real estate players that can deal with settlements and custodial services. 

At the moment, SmartEscrow is offering services in trusted custodial wallets, blockchain explorer preview funds, collection and disbursement of funds, Escrow theft mitigation, transparency, clawback prevention, real-time settlements, and stablecoin integrations.

SmartEscrow by Ubitquity is praised by all and is anticipated to usher in a new era in the real estate industry. The platform will enable receiving, paying disbursing of funds in crypto. The company will also ensure compliance and security in transactions. 

The platform is set to work Proton Chain, Metal Pay, and Future DeFi in the long term. Millennial Title and Rainier Title have already shown praise and trust for the platform. The platform by Ubitquity is a revolution in the real estate business markets that will eventually provide transaction facilities using crypto and stablecoins. 

A formal demonstration of the SmartEscrow platform can be taken through

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