UFO Experts Present Ancient Fossils to Mexican Congress Amid Testimonies of Unexplained Phenomena

During a historic hearing on UFOs at the Mexican Congress, renowned ufologist Jaime Maussan presented what he claims to be 1000-year-old “non-human alien corpses.” The specimens, displayed in glass cases, included mummified figures with distinctive three-fingered hands. Maussan testified under oath that researchers from the Autonomous National University of Mexico conducted a Carbon 14 analysis, dating the alleged non-human alien remains to approximately 1,000 years old. The fossils were purportedly discovered in Cusco, Peru, embedded in a layer of diatomaceous earth, an ancient phytoplankton algae. Mexican scientists revealed that over 30 percent of the DNA in the specimens remains unidentified.

Despite Maussan’s decades-long career in researching extraterrestrial phenomena, it’s worth noting that he has been associated with prior claims of debunked alien discoveries, including the 2017 revelation that five mummies found in Peru were actually remains of human children.

In addition to Maussan’s testimony, Enrique Kolbeck Vergara, a seasoned pilot and air traffic controller with 48 years of experience, recounted four alleged experiences involving UFOs. These incidents span from 1975 to 2002 and include intercepting a UFO during a flight, an Aeroméxico plane’s alleged encounter over Mexico City, a near-collision with multiple metallic objects in Morelia, and a high-tech radar’s unexpected detection of an unidentified flying object passing through the Gulf during an anti-drug trafficking operation.

The hearings at the Mexican Congress mark a significant step in the exploration of unidentified aerial phenomena and potential extraterrestrial encounters. The testimonies provided by Maussan and Vergara shed light on a subject that continues to captivate and intrigue both experts and the general public alike.

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