Unconfirmed: Coinbase’s Adam White on a Momentous Day in Crypto

When Is a Token Decentralized Enough to Not Be a Security? - Ep.056

Jun 15, 2018

Adam White,
vice president and general manager of Coinbase, explains why he
believes the SEC’s statement Thursday that ether, in its current
form, is not a security, is a historic moment in crypto. Also, from
his vantage point of being steeped in the industry but interacting
regularly with institutional investors and regulators, he describes
where crypto is right now and why he believes it will be moving
from an investment phase to a utility phase. He also discusses
Coinbase‘s many recent announcements, from the fact that it will
soon be a regulated broker dealer, to the establishment of services
for institutional investors such as Coinbase Custody, Coinbase
Markets and Coinbase Prime, to its acquisition of decentralized
relay Paradex. He also explains why Coinbase decided to list
Ethereum Classic, gives an answer to the Twitter people requesting
Coinbase list XRP, and describes the main developments he believes
are necessary to bring established financial institutions into
crypto trading.


Adam White:

The SEC’s speech containing the line asserting
that ether is, in its current form, not a security:

Coinbase‘s move
toward becoming a regulated broker-dealer:

Announcement of Coinbase Custody, Coinbase
Markets, Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Institutional Coverage

Coinbase‘s acquisition of Paradex:

Coinbase‘s announcement about Ethereum

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When Is a Token Decentralized Enough to Not Be a Security? - Ep.056

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