UNISWAP V3 will launch May 5th

UNISWAP V3 will launch May 5th

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  1. Anyone with a technical background should read the v3 whitepaper:

    Edit: I’ve read the full paper and now reading the V3 source code. AMA

    Edit2: since this is the top comment, here’s a breakdown of the new features

    * Concentrated Liquidity: this is the killer feature, allowing LPs to focus their liquidity in one section of the price curve (for example, if you have a pool with two stablecoins, most liquidity will be in the 0.95-1.05 range). This allows for _much_ more capital efficiency, allowing better prices with less liquidity.
    * Per-pool fees
    * Simpler, cheaper built-in price oracle
    * “Range orders”, similar to a limit order
    * Not specifically a feature of V3, but it will be deployed on Ethereum mainnet + Optimism’s rollup for low fees

  2. “oday, we are excited to present an overview of Uniswap v3. We are targeting an **L1 Ethereum mainnet launch on May 5**, with an **L2 deployment on Optimism set to follow shortly after.”**

    When L2 launches is the real date im interested in.

  3. Quick question about Optimism, can Exchanges and Wallets aswell integrate L2 solutions so a person may never need to do the L1 -> L2 transfer? So maybe like being able to directly withdraw ETH to the L2 Network from Binance to Metamask(I mean most probably Binance won’t do it considering its track record but general question)

  4. “Even with these groundbreaking design improvements, the gas cost of v3 swaps on Ethereum mainnet is slightly cheaper than v2. Transactions made on the Optimism deployment will likely be significantly cheaper!”


  5. Question, before the Optimism release, just the Mainnet UNI v3, how does it affect an end user just trying to swap, I read about all the liquidity stuff and all that, but for a user trying to trade the experience would be pretty much the same right?

  6. LP Tokens are now NFTS!

    > **Non-Fungible Liquidity**
    > As a byproduct of per-LP custom price curves, liquidity positions are no longer fungible and are not represented as ERC20 tokens in the core protocol.
    > Instead, LP positions will be represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, common shared positions can be made fungible (ERC20) via peripheral contracts or through other partner protocols. Additionally, trading fees are no longer automatically reinvested back into the pool on LPs’ behalf.
    > Over time we expect increasingly sophisticated strategies to be tokenized, making it possible for LPs to participate while maintaining a passive user experience. This could include multi-positions, auto-rebalancing to concentrate around the market price, fee reinvestment, lending, and more.



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