UnixGaming and Ekta partner to offer Blockchain scholarships


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• UnixGaming wants to increase the number of registrations in Axie Infinity.
• Ekta announces native token to be available on August 20.

Ekta announces that it will work with UnixGaming developers to expand their work. This video game extension is in charge of “Axie Infinity,” which has gotten to over 75,000 new users in August.

For context, Axie Infinity is an online game based on NFT Ethereum and was created by Sky Mavis. The video game was officially launched in 2018, but it has gained a lot of popularity in recent months, becoming the most engaged Blockchain game globally.

The Axie Infinity popularity is due to the user creating his universe while earning cryptocurrencies. The video game has brought profits to the most economically affected people since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

UnixGaming and Ekta partnership promises scholarships

The partnership between the Ekta platform and the UnixGaming extension promises new scholarships for Axie Infinity players. Society tries to attract more players to Axie and educate them about the Blockchain network.

Ekta CEO Berwin Tanco believes that UnixGaming hopes to train new economic entrepreneurs in the game. Tanco wants users to learn the true meaning of “play and win” in Axie Infinity and how strong the Blockchain network is for gaming. The Ekta co-founder hopes that the NFT adoption and that of cryptocurrencies, in general, will increase with this project.

The non-fungible tokens adoption in Axie Infinity has exceeded $42 million since June 2021. NFTs sales in the game will increase significantly by the end of the year due to their new adoptions in Latin America. With this partnership, Ekta also wants to learn about the market for non-fungible tokens to use for their benefit.

Ekta will launch its native token in the coming days

The UnixGaming founder, Mirko Basil, believes this partnership will cause a significant increase in the spread of video games allowing its fame to grow. Basil is grateful for Ekta’s vision regarding the use of Blockchain technology. In the same way, the company’s co-founder clarifies this is only the beginning for Axie Infinity.

UnixGaming, being supported by Ekta, wants to give opportunities to new people who sign up for multiverse gaming. The game extension also wants to educate these participants about non-fungible tokens and their relationship with Blockchain.

Ekta announces that it will launch its native token in the coming days. On the 20th of August, EKTACoin will be available to the interested public, although its initial value is still not known for now.

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