Unpopular Opinion: Bitcoin Is Not Primarily for Westerners, but Rather for the Other 95% of the World | by Sylvain Saurel | Sep, 2021

An important clarification for those who see Bitcoin as just another financial investment.

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Not a week goes by now without the Western media talking about Bitcoin. In just a few years, Bitcoin has made its way into the media space. Everyone in the general public has heard about Bitcoin at least once.

The opinion is generally rather negative because of the lies constantly uttered against Bitcoin by the powerful people at the head of the current system. Nevertheless, Bitcoin leaves no one indifferent.

This is a victory when you consider that Bitcoin was created in total anonymity a little over twelve years ago.

In the Western world, it is above all the lure of gain that attracts those who come to buy Bitcoin. For these people, Bitcoin is just another investment. The hot investment of the moment in which to invest money to get juicy profits.

Many of these people are totally missing the deeper meaning of the Bitcoin revolution. The reason so many people in the Western world are missing the point of Bitcoin is simple: Bitcoin was not designed for the richest 5% of people on earth.

Living in America, Canada, or Europe puts you almost de facto in that category.

If this is your case, it makes sense that you don’t quite understand why Bitcoiners constantly explain that the monetary and financial system suffers from seven deadly sins that will eventually cause its downfall sooner or later. You might even think that Bitcoiners are painting an overly pessimistic scenario to attract people to Bitcoin.

Yet, you can see that your purchasing power in US dollars or Euros is falling over time. Nevertheless, this is not enough to really upset your standard of living.

So you have no reason to look for another, more equitable system. You can be satisfied with the current system. It is imperfect, and you may have to endure censorship when making transactions, but it is still acceptable to you.

If it is still acceptable to you, you need to look around the world to see what will eventually happen to you as a result of the flaws in the current system. This system excludes hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Step out of your Western comfort zone and see what millions of people in Africa and South America have to endure because of corrupt leaders. These people can’t do anything but survive. They cannot really plan for the future because their situation is so precarious.

With no access to even minimal banking services, these people are condemned to suffer the hyperinflation into which their leaders plunge them. They must also live with permanent censorship threats.

The situation in El Salvador speaks for itself. This is a perfect example of why bitcoin is a unique opportunity for the other 95% of the world’s population.

Under the current system, El Salvador was doomed to subsist and chase aid from the IMF or the World Bank. There was no chance of a better future. Nayib Bukele decided to seize a unique opportunity for his country. An opportunity to reshuffle the cards in terms of wealth.

Bitcoin is a decentralized system that belongs to everyone and is above all fair. You pay for your Bitcoin at the price you deserve. By building up BTC reserves for its country now, El Salvador will get a huge head start on other economic powers that will come to build up BTC reserves sooner or later.

Since developing countries have more interest in adopting Bitcoin than the world’s major economies, the chances of a global reshuffle are real in the coming years thanks to the Bitcoin revolution.

The first notable effect for Salvadorans is that they now all have access to basic banking services. An incredible advance that will allow them to receive money from abroad without being shamelessly taxed by money transfer giants like Western Union.

Western Union stands to lose more than $400 million in revenue per year if the people of El Salvador massively adopt the Bitcoin system. If that number seems like a pittance for a company like Western Union, it’s already a huge amount for a poor country like El Salvador.

What’s even more interesting is that Salvadorans will be able to save the fruits of their labor within the Bitcoin network while waiting for this NgU technology to do the rest. Instead of having to endure the inflation of the U.S. dollar, Salvadorans will be able to earn money from their work for the first time in their lives.

A unique game-changer that many other countries will eventually adopt. It is clearly only a matter of time.

On the Western side, opting for the Bitcoin plan is not yet a necessity, but it is already a great thing. It’s never too early to really take power over your money. Furthermore, by buying Bitcoin and becoming a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what, you are supporting the development of the Bitcoin system.

By supporting the Bitcoin system, you will be helping millions of people around the world benefit from this system in the years to come. That’s where Bitcoin is totally different from anything we’ve ever seen before: this system reconciles individual interests with those of the collective.

So the next time you buy Bitcoin, think carefully about what you are buying. Bitcoin is not just another investment, but a revolutionary system that is already essential to millions of people around the world.

By making the conscious choice to become a HODLer no matter what, you are helping to support the development and emergence of this system that will enable all those who choose it to change their money future for the better.

Buying Bitcoin is simply a vote for a better future for the world.

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