Unpopular opinion: I want billionaires to tweet-attack BTC

Andreas Antonopoulos once did a presentation likening Bitcoin to a sewer rat, and centralised currencies as “Bubble Boy”

What did he mean by that?

For those of you unfamiliar with the presentation, I’ll explain briefly. It’s vitally important to understand this if you are invested in crypto, it has shaped all of my investment decisions in the space and should influence yours, too.


‘Bubble boy’ was a boy who lacked an effective immune system, he lived his entire life inside of a bubble to avoid getting sick. Many networks or cryptocurrencies operate in a secured or permissioned way, think of intranets, secured networks, permissioned coins. They are just like the bubble boy, they have security because they exist inside of a bubble, never exposed to threats. But as soon as something gets inside of that bubble, they are highly exposed and vulnerable. It’s the same reason many people say that you should let your kids play in the dirt sometimes, it helps them build a strong immune system.

Perhaps you can see where this is going already….


So then we have Bitcoin, the sewer rat. Bitcoin doesn’t live inside of a bubble. It rolls around in the dirt. It gets into fights. It lives and thrives in a world that is actively trying to kill it. If you take a sewer rat and treat it like a pet, feed it only the best organic foods and pamper it with fresh bedding every day and give him little ratty baths for instagram and twitter posts for the first year of his life, sure, he will thrive in that cage, but what do you think will happen when one day he escapes to the sewers, where he longs to be? He has never been exposed to the things down there, and he will get sick. His health will drop, dramatically. The healthier he was before, the sicker he will get down there.

Same goes for Bitcoin. If Bitcoin grows in an adverserial environment, it will grow immune to those things over time.

If it grows as a result of billionaires being kind to it, all it takes is a tweet to make it crash again, perhaps setting its immune systems development by years.

Yes, in the short term, billionaires are good for BTCs price.
In the long run though, we want them to attack BTC. Please, do! Give this sewer rat its sewer.

It will only make BTC stronger.

~Credit to Andreas Antonopoulos

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  1. I remember watching a JRE podcast with Andreas Antonopoulos years ago and thinking “man, this guy is smart as hell, if he believe BTC will be a thing, it probably will be”.

    I then went on to not do anything with this assumptive knowledge for about 5 years or so.

  2. Tesla’s bull run was fun 2020 and Elon’s tweet as well. Now he is only reminding me of Donald Trump when he is tweeting. Staying relevant at any cost

  3. I totally agree I rather have Elon tweet shit about btc very early and I gets immune after the dip instead of a warm and wholesome environment and one day something bigger attacks it like a government and it will take way longer 2 recover

  4. Bitcoin can’t be stopped by twitter billionaires, it’s the greatest monetary revolution in generations. Maybe it takes decades to fulfil it’s potential, but it’s inevitable at this point that people will wake up to logic in storing your value in a fixed supply decentralized digital asset rather than shitcoins like fiat which are released into circulation to fund wars and bail out degenerate bankers.

  5. I’ve written a post about Elon creating inflation in FUD tweets.

    After some time the world will feel like tweets about bitcoin from famous rich people are no longer newsworthy and bitcoin will have gotten another layer of security.

  6. There are billionaires who have consistently criticized BTC, such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The difference with Elon Musk is that he alternates between praising it and damning it, and he seems to have more of a devoted personality cult than the others.

  7. Yes we need to stop idolizing nonsense. Good πŸ‘ The rest is FUD. Off balance. It was a world FUD attack not just a tweets. UFO, banks outages. Wyckoff and Whales. Fiat debasing stacking of inflation fiat coins linked to people expect it to go up in value, while Brexit losses it fiat shirt. A major exchange is now getting PR against this type of coordinated attack with fact checking services.

  8. Funny thought experiment and probably a suitable analogy in some cases.

    For it to be applicable to crypto you’d have to add that every rat there is has completely different starting conditions. Some rats are stupid and fat( token has bad fundamentals/code but people buy) some are smart and almost starving (good projects with low publicity).

    Also BTC has only gone downhill since Bilderberger-funded company Blockstream has overtaken development. Knowingly working against the vision of a digital p2p currency.

    BTC is not the future, it’s obsolete.

  9. More of a Stainless Steel Rat IMO…as described by Harry Harrison…the SS Rat thrives in the filth of the sewars but equally excels in the high-tech environment.

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