Update: A total of 950 pounds (432 kilos) of Food were given to people in need in my community, in Venezuela. Thank you.

I want to start by thanking you for helping us to achieve this. It’s so touching to know that more people in my community are being able to eat more properly, specially children and elder people who are the most vulnerable during this humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

I wish to continue to do this. We are doing an excellent job. Helping people with donations through cryptocurrencies to buy food is allowing hundreds of people to eat more nutritious meals.

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I’ve been thinking about launching a project called Meal Venezuela. I want to keep helping people, because I want to try to make their life a bit easier, since I know how hard and depressing it’s when people run out of food in Venezuela. A lot of people have cried when we give them a bag of food because that’s the only food they will have after several days without nothing to eat, because they rant out of money and food.

I created a website for this project. There I added a button for cryptocurrency donations. It has a poor design for both mobile and desktop, but I hope to improve it later, maybe it won’t work properly now. Our Twitter is @MealVenezuela

If you wish to help with cryptocurrency donations to buy food, please send funds to our addresses.Thank you so much for helping us!

Bitcoin: 16w9PsTMKGsd9u4wuGN6WV1tcQNrQBEQmU

NANO: nano_3rru419k9yr4tu3kgrcdxm57dinb3ucu6eszy8ww8mfbqnhcq8tnno8k336x

Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhsiCjpHozf2qfwzjJiESoNaAiEXQZxMgLExcVcUoQWXt27GvnL39vj7pgrv2qYkxct9SoYUBeszogGsgTVk5Sf6oJvR9MMy

Bitcoin Cash: 1Lk4LsL9BECWFp2f5GEe6DRfm1QN3japLB

Dash: XtyggxgFeUzBkSYwsHsiFYcLaT4immJJ8P

Bitcoin SegWit: bc1qun795pt5d5wdrtu5hhd44rhxmvkmnjxqd3m496

Ripple: rD9ZAoVpE9SRZ451MQqXSePzWboVEceeAM

Ethereum: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Litecoin: LTfNEeUcJDVUpYHzquFSFvvq47PCeYaAbo

DOGE: D5Co6S764mNLTrNfRphX3rfY33ryFT5zsh

BNB: 136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23

Polkadot: 14B1S3GqLrMy6oLNfukYmzbMy48b5sV7mRjQRBktWNqvGzQh

Monero: 83nHWVWX1Ka9vXyZ9Yp9cnEHUGVdXZBMKAKaoxnbWgZRd6nk9mTvrJJMBLKW4CxBCn3K5LbqgjhVzNqGezkwzaRCUv4VKnr

Chainlink: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Zcash: t1aVLKnymhwFpsA4SHUJj4EsRfmY19dCXnf

Hedera hashgraph: 0.0.156734

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  1. This is insane dude!

    Sometimes it can be hard fully understand how much so little for us in the west can do for someone in a less fortune country, pretty fucked up when you think about it.

    I wish you all the happines and fortune!

  2. I have been participating in something similar but not crypto related to help venezuela (I am venezuelan living in the states) and it is a very difficult process to send money. It always amazes me how efficient crypto is and examples like this is also why decentralization matters. Amazing initiative!

  3. Glad that I could help and that this really has a positive effect on people’s life. I’m really happy when I see **good** people.

    Congrats to the community as well.


    PS: I could help you with the website if you want.

  4. You are a modern day hero, CaracasGirl! You have my support! Venezuela’s economy will be restored when USA gets high inflation on their own. Please try not to use the $, cause it is going down in value soon.

  5. OP, have you tried reaching out to some (small-ish) crypto dev teams to see if they’d be willing to donate? They’re always giving out token so they might be willing to join the cause. Just a thought.



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