Update: Thanks to you guys, we were able to deliver 2378 pounds (1079 kilos) of food to Venezuelans in need in my community.

I want to thank to everyone who contributed with funds, shared our project and participated in the last update, for helping us to achieve this. More than 400 people were benefited yesterday with a bag of food. It was amazing, but that was only possible because of you and the hard work of our volunteers.

Nearly 2.5 tons of food have been given in total to people in my community. All of them are in a dire situation, many of them are older people who are unable to work. I’m proud of our work and I wish to continue to help people with bags of food.

Thank you to Tim Balabuch [for the video he uploaded his YouTube channel]( talking about this project.

Some pictures:











You can follow us on Twitter and visit our website to know little more about this project. and

If you wish to help with cryptocurrency donations to buy food, please send funds to any of our addresses. Thank you so much for helping us!

Bitcoin: 16w9PsTMKGsd9u4wuGN6WV1tcQNrQBEQmU

NANO: nano_14mbf65xexhii4f8st6wmh3oqjpfd97fbfykqb9o1j81dn8ynszrbq9p594o

Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhsiCjpHozf2qfwzjJiESoNaAiEXQZxMgLExcVcUoQWXt27GvnL39vj7pgrv2qYkxct9SoYUBeszogGsgTVk5Sf6oJvR9MMy

Bitcoin Cash: bitcoincash:qrvg7ygrlxks9qnps74h2lflr3eaukr5gs95ywujdc

Dash: XtyggxgFeUzBkSYwsHsiFYcLaT4immJJ8P

Bitcoin SegWit: bc1qun795pt5d5wdrtu5hhd44rhxmvkmnjxqd3m496

Ripple (no TAG required): rD9ZAoVpE9SRZ451MQqXSePzWboVEceeAM

Ethereum: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Litecoin: LTfNEeUcJDVUpYHzquFSFvvq47PCeYaAbo

BAT: 0xde9cbdc86fe1d737ffb7e063b77de941108965c8

DOGE: D5Co6S764mNLTrNfRphX3rfY33ryFT5zsh

BNB (no MEMO required): bnb1r7dxqmzsdnwq5k2tt7jntckedgpmsp6rdlnvfw

Polkadot: 14B1S3GqLrMy6oLNfukYmzbMy48b5sV7mRjQRBktWNqvGzQh

Smart Chain: 0xF08fCfe47B948aC86ba4a627e926366f846F6714

Monero: 83nHWVWX1Ka9vXyZ9Yp9cnEHUGVdXZBMKAKaoxnbWgZRd6nk9mTvrJJMBLKW4CxBCn3K5LbqgjhVzNqGezkwzaRCUv4VKnr

Chainlink: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Zcash: t1aVLKnymhwFpsA4SHUJj4EsRfmY19dCXnf

Hedera hashgraph: 0.0.156734

BANANO: ban_1e1hkw4yjcsk15ptngktg1nzrwoq68wuzuz18bg3ukdathgznn6tqk5x7rdn

AVAX: X-avax1j2cnse8kyas3kjtz22wlcl86ehyxfnvxh8mrny



DGB: DFeEegHET954fpjydgPY2rqsmggoGsDjVA

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  1. When the Moon distribution is here, I will donate u another 200 moons @ u/caracasgirl ![img](emote|normalmoon_emote|normalmoon)

    And let’s reach 5 tons!

    EDIT: for those who find donating crypto a little difficult, tipping Moons is really easy

    Edit 2: ***Hint Hint***

    Edit 3: I will donate **another 200 Moons** ![img](emote|normalmoon_emote|normalmoon)right now. Hoping others might follow with what they can miss.

    EDIT 4: Some people seem to think I actually didn’t do it yet, but I did. If you want feel free to DM me for the proof, I’ll show you the send verification :).

  2. This is a prime example of the power crypto holds, there are charities which take over 80% of the money donated to them, systems in place to send the money left and right, CEO bonuses etc. This system is getting the money straight to the people who need it.

  3. Wow, that is amazing and what this is all about, helping our fellow man/woman. I saved this post for future reference. I will definitely be coming back here on the 1st to donate for Venezuela. This is awesome.

  4. This is totally awesome! I’m a newbie, so I’m gonna have to stumble my way through figuring out how to use CB Pro to donate through the addresses you provided, but I’ve already upvoted to give you moons!

  5. This is fantastic, thank you so much for doing this! It’s really sad to see the situation in Venezuela right now, such a beautiful country and seeing how the things are now makes me really depressed. Thanks to everyone who organized this and donated, you are doing an amazing job!

  6. This is a con. No one in Venezuela can run a bitcoin setup like this unless they are in with the government. Also, the pix of the food looks suspiciously like the government food bag given to party loyalists in the favelas (CLAP Bags). As someone familiar with the situation, I can tell you this is at least a partial scam and you’re sending money to the same government that’s causing the crisis in the first place (and no, it’s not US sanctions that caused the crisis, if anything US sanctions of corrupt Venezuelan government officials have helped with the supply of food because these corrupt officials now have to spend their ill gotten gains by investing in Venezuela rather than putting them in Swiss bank accounts and the only place to invest is in luxury supermarkets and restaurants because that’s the only place Venezuelans spend money (buying food), since they can’t afford anything else. These supermarkets are at international prices and very few can afford them but these corrupt Chavistas never cared that their supporters are starving, they actually want them to starve so they can control them with that one free bag of food per month that doesn’t last one week. Ask this person for proof that they re not Chavistas. If they live in a favela, they are all 100% Chavistas. If they run a bitcoin operation you bet they’re Chavistas because it’s illegal for anyone else to do so and they would be in jail.



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