Update: Yesterday 1,719 pounds of Food were given to Venezuelans in need. I’m grateful to every one of you who have helped to achieve this.

Yesterday Meal Venezuela gave 1,719 pounds (780 kilos) of food to people in need in my community. This was only possible thanks to you contributions through cryptocurrencies. I’m extremely happy for the results of this project that is being able to give more food every time. More than 1 ton of food has been given in a few weeks. Hundreds of people in my community has been able to receive bags of food.

I want to let you know that we have a new website where you can read a bit more about the project Meal Venezuela

You can also follow us on Twitter

Some pictures!












If you wish to help with cryptocurrency donations to buy food, please send funds to any of our addresses. Thank you so much for helping us!

Bitcoin: 16w9PsTMKGsd9u4wuGN6WV1tcQNrQBEQmU

NANO: nano_14mbf65xexhii4f8st6wmh3oqjpfd97fbfykqb9o1j81dn8ynszrbq9p594o

Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhsiCjpHozf2qfwzjJiESoNaAiEXQZxMgLExcVcUoQWXt27GvnL39vj7pgrv2qYkxct9SoYUBeszogGsgTVk5Sf6oJvR9MMy

Bitcoin Cash: bitcoincash:qrvg7ygrlxks9qnps74h2lflr3eaukr5gs95ywujdc

Dash: XtyggxgFeUzBkSYwsHsiFYcLaT4immJJ8P

Bitcoin SegWit: bc1qun795pt5d5wdrtu5hhd44rhxmvkmnjxqd3m496

Ripple (no TAG required): rD9ZAoVpE9SRZ451MQqXSePzWboVEceeAM

Ethereum: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Litecoin: LTfNEeUcJDVUpYHzquFSFvvq47PCeYaAbo

BAT: 0xde9cbdc86fe1d737ffb7e063b77de941108965c8

DOGE: D5Co6S764mNLTrNfRphX3rfY33ryFT5zsh

BNB (no MEMO required): bnb1r7dxqmzsdnwq5k2tt7jntckedgpmsp6rdlnvfw

Polkadot: 14B1S3GqLrMy6oLNfukYmzbMy48b5sV7mRjQRBktWNqvGzQh

Smart Chain: 0xF08fCfe47B948aC86ba4a627e926366f846F6714

Monero: 83nHWVWX1Ka9vXyZ9Yp9cnEHUGVdXZBMKAKaoxnbWgZRd6nk9mTvrJJMBLKW4CxBCn3K5LbqgjhVzNqGezkwzaRCUv4VKnr

Chainlink: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Zcash: t1aVLKnymhwFpsA4SHUJj4EsRfmY19dCXnf

Hedera hashgraph: 0.0.156734

BANANO: ban_1e1hkw4yjcsk15ptngktg1nzrwoq68wuzuz18bg3ukdathgznn6tqk5x7rdn

AVAX: X-avax1j2cnse8kyas3kjtz22wlcl86ehyxfnvxh8mrny



DGB: DFeEegHET954fpjydgPY2rqsmggoGsDjVA

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  1. In a community as tribalistic as crypto, it’s beautiful to see the donation addresses of many different cryptocurrencies and the community coming together to show how crypto can make an impact on humanity.

  2. Absolutely incredible, it’s such an amazing thing to see cryptos being used for legitimately good purposes. Being able to provide 1,719 lbs of food for people truly in need is phenomenal, we applaud you, OP.

  3. This is increadibly inspiring! We’ve been discussing doing this in our home countries to help as well. So much we take for granted. Thanks for helping everyone in your community not worry about food that day.

  4. Si te ayuda la gente para algo acuérdate para que te lo dieron. Si esta bien lo que estas asciendo. Te mande $1000 de bitcoin. Cuídate. Un día pronto se va a mejorar la situation. saludos desde los Estados Unidos.

  5. This has me wondering if it may indeed be crypto and not some imperial government that brings the regime change the people need. Groups of people with power always subvert the minority of corruption.



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